Nordic Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers day is around the corner, and if you haven’t picked a gift yet – or if you still want to add some Nordic goodies to the gift bag, here’s some excellent ideas.


Oriflames NovAge Men skincare

Nordic Gifts Fathers Day Oriflame

Images courtesy of Oriflame.

Oriflame recently launched a set of new products to their skincare range NovAge Men – the Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser, the High Definition Shaving Gel, and the Soothing Aftershave Gel. NoveAge Men combines innovative technology with stem cell extract and is developed as a result of Oriflames skin lab studies on how testosterone affects skin health. This skincare range is designed for men to reduce tiredness and fight the signs of aging,

The Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser comes with the terrific key ingredient Japanese charcoal. This cleanser deeply purifies, efficiently removing dead skin cells and city grime, as well as gently exfoliates leaving the skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean.

NovAge Men High Definition Shaving Gel impresses with its texture – a luxurious gel-foam developed with magnesium, copper, and zinc that smooths, moisturizes and stimulates collagen production. When applied the gel-foam has a gently cooling effect leaving the skin calming and fresh.

NovAge Men Soothing Aftershave Gel is developed with stem cells from coffee beans that serve both as an energizing reveille as a moisturizing component. This lightweight gel nourishes and moisturizes skin strengthening the skin’s barrier.


FRENNs machine washable wool trousers

Nordic Gift Fathers Day FRENN

Images courtesy of FRENN

FRENN provides fathers with sophisticated yet casual tailoring, reaching out to the need of active working men with a taste for fashion. The idea is that men wearing FRENNs relaxed tailoring easily could go directly from work to leisure without stressing about looks. FRENN’s AW19 collection is all about the moods of Helsinki – the urban architecture, the presence of nature in the city, and the blue moment of cold winter sunsets. These elements are visible in the collection as three different themes regarding color worlds and fabric, patterns and accent details; where for instance the bold white checks in black wool represent architecture, the texture of corduroy is the key fabric representing nature and forest, and where the blue moment is present as its own color hue.

Fathers will be grateful for something stylish, but wouldn’t settle with something that wouldn’t last normal life. This is where the brilliance in one of FRENNS classics lies – machine washable wool trousers with an elastic waistband. Providing the bearer with the comfort of jogging trousers combined with masculine credibility, these wool trousers can be worn at work as well as in your free time.


Aarni Woods watches

Nordic Gifts Fathers Day Aarni Wood

Images courtesy of Aarni Wood.

With roots in the deep Finnish wilderness the accessory company Aarni Wood, mostly known for its high-quality wooden watches, provides you with the finest craftsmanship and quality components found on the market, combined with outstanding comfort and elegant design made out of wood. The wood is only treated with oil, and with this, each watch will grow unique with its barer – and as famously known, wood only gets better with age.

As days are getting colder and mornings darker, small things make a big difference. One is the simple thing as putting on your watch every morning. Just imagine the moment before your watch touches your skin – for a second you hold your breath and get ready for a harsh, freezing chill – but imagine the relief when instead your wrist is getting caressed by a warm, gentle touch. This is one of the fine details with Aarni Wood watches that I bet our fathers would appreciate. Aarni Wood have a range of tasteful ,minimalistic watches, one favorite beeing the XO watch in Curly Birch that caught attention with its subtle elegant appearance that breaths Nordic design.


Globe Hopes peat wool beanie

Nordic Gift Fathers Day Globe Hope

Images courtesy of Globe Hope.

Made for conscious consumers who genuinely care for sustainable consuming, Globe Hope has a brilliant way of turning leftovers into a functional design. Recycled and left-over materials are cleverly used in their designs, and they have the ability to turn fabrics into something far from their original use. Their accessories are contemporary with clean-cut silhouettes, and the company’s updated look lends itself to modern classics and timeless styles.

One of their most loved accessories is the Hanki Beanie, made of left over peat-wool, which is a special mixture of peat and acrylic thread. The peat wool is a leftover material rescued from Kultaturve company as they closed their doors, and given a new life as a timeless accessory any father living in the Nordics would be happy keep warm with.


Which one of these are you gonna give for fathers day?’


Featured images courtesy of FRENN.

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