Natural Beauty Brand Flow Cosmetics Reveal a New Alluring Look

Flow Cosmetics, the Finnish natural cosmetics company, has taken natural beauty enthusiasts by storm with their holistic approach to the alluring brand renewal. What’s to be believed according to what we’ve seen and heard, there seem to be at least one chakra soap and body butter bar in everyone’s bathroom since Flow Cosmetics launched their new look – which comes with no surprise, as the new look breaths Nordic quality which really is the essence of their brand.

Packed with nature’s rich and healing ingredients, the high-quality products of Flow Cosmetics contains the perfect formula of clean ingredients for Scandinavian skin. Through the whole beauty line, you’ll find pure, mostly Finnish sourced ingredients such as lingonberry, arctic seabuckthorn, bilberry and wild heather which all – with their calming, skin-strengthening and antioxidant effects, work wonders on skin that is exposed to the harsh climate and temperature changes. All products are developed and produced from start to finish in Finland, following high standard qualifications with every product made individually. Flow Cosmetics strive to minimize preservatives which is seen as a range of water-free products. None of the oil-based products contain preservatives to ensure that the raw ingredients are left as pure as possible- and when used, the preservatives are entirely natural to benefit the skin.


There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Flow Cosmetics products, but for now, we’ll focus on some highlights of the brand renewal. All of their new products, as well as their improved classics, can already be viewed and shopped on their website.

In short, the renewal has been focusing on a more modern look that emphasizes and brings forth the quality of Flow Cosmetics beauty range. Formulas have been improved and packaging has been turned to the more sustainable. As a pioneer on zero waste thinking, the use of plastic packaging has been radically diminished and is now only used in the lid of pipettes, pumps and spray bottles, as there yet isn’t any other option at hand that would work as flawlessly. Some product has grown in size which also is a gesture towards less waste.

“With this new packaging and new holistic products, we feel like our brand is now truly delivering the message that we have had all this time.”


With the renewal comes some lovely newcomers too – the chakra products for body and mind are a very appreciated addition to Flow Cosmetics beauty range. The nourishing, aromatherapy soap and body butter bars are each developed according to the seven chakras, with ingredients and scents that will emphasize the quality of a certain chakra, and to care for your skin. The chakra products are to be picked according to what you feel that you need the most – and for those who don’t believe in chakras, just go for the bar that suits the needs of your skin. Whether your choice concerns the chakra soap bar or the chakra body butter bar, both alternatives come with equal qualities regarding the scent, as well as which bar a certain skin type would most benefit from. The products come in lovely pastel colors and highly nourishing ingredients as well as divine scents that call to indulge yourself with a relaxing moment of self-care, which is very welcome as we still tend to lead busy lifestyles.


Flow Cosmetics beloved classics, the shampoo soap bars, have a new improved formula – so where one before might have felt a slight stickiness after using natural shampoo bars, the new formula leaves hair feeling fresh and nourished, without any stickiness. The improved formula is especially good news for you who are considering transitioning to natural and zero waste hair care, as the improved formula will make the transition period more convenient.

For those who are looking to go zero waste all the way, Flow Cosmetics is a terrific brand to turn to. Besides the shampoo, soap, and body butter bars, they launched a range of zero waste products such as the biodegradable, detangling Intensive Conditioner Bar without quats (quats are terrific detanglers usually put in conditioners but are harmful to the aquatic life. Flow Cosmetics are the firsts in Europe to have a completely new type of quat-free active ingredient that is plant-based and biodegradable); face soaps with two different formulas, the Honey Milk Facial Soap containing Finnish raw honey, lingonberry and coconut milk to care for dry and sensitive skin, and the Detox Soap (which may be used all over the body as well) with charcoal and tee tree to deeply cleanse and balance oily and impure skin.


One of the most thrilling products when it comes to the skincare range is the Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist and the Hyaluron & Probiotics Facial Serum.

Probiotics, the good live bacteria usually associated with gut-health are a terrific ingredient in skincare too, due to it’s skin-strengthening and moisturizing abilities. Adding probiotics to your skincare is vital for keeping the skin barrier healthy, as the probiotics will help skin maintain it’s protective shield, preventing harmful bacteria from getting root in your skin and cause infections.


Flow Cosmetics’ Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist instantly soothes dry, irritated and inflamed skin. With a strong scent of chamomile, this mild facial mist is suitable for every skin type and is especially good for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

The velvety-soft Hyaluron & Probiotics Facial Serum comes with a rich consistency of rosewater, hyaluronic acid, blueberry, carrot and orange oil that instantly hydrates and smooths skin. Containing low- and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, this serum works both at the outermost layer of the skin as well as on a deeper level, smoothing fine lines, enhancing cellular renewal and strengthening the skin together with probiotics.

Flow Cosmetics’ brand renewal is very impressive, and as the chakra bars are going viral, we have only one question for you – which chakra soap or body butter you are going to indulge yourself with?


Images courtesy of Flow Cosmetics.

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