SUPERFLEX At Cisternerne – Step Into A Dark Future

Although walking into a water-filled underground bunker for entertainment purposes may seem like a silly idea, let’s face it – you get wet by walking around Copenhagen anyway. If you do decide to visit the SUPERFLEX installation at Cisternerne, you’ll be ticking off an exhibition off your list that is not your usual tourist spot.

Cisternerne, or The Cisterns, is a part of the Frederiksberg museum complex, and is possibly the coolest location to visit if you’re in Copenhagen this autumn – especially around Halloween. The no longer used water reservoir now functions as an exhibition hall for contemporary art. SUPERFLEX, known for their “Foreigners, don’t leave us alone with the Danes” slogan, could not have found a better space for their “It is not the end of the world” experience.


SUPERFLEXPhotography by Torben Eskerod 


The creative group SUPERFLEX have flooded the reservoir in order to showcase their eerie vision of the decaying future in a better light. Wading through the dark, dripping Cisterns (don’t worry, wellies are provided), the visitor will encounter pieces of a past life, submerged in water and rotting as a result of the climate change. The blue lights reflecting on the water’s surface and the music, only enhance the experience, which is one that should be taken if with all your sense.

The SUPERFLEX artistic concept is most definitely striking and impactful, leaving you a bit uncomfortable, but eager to re-think and discuss the direction in which our world is heading. We’d highly recommend stepping down into the Cisterns and seeing it for yourself – you only have until the 30th of November to get to know SUPERFLEX’s dystopian vision.

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