I See Rivers Are Back With New Single ‘Collide’

If you’re familiar with the Norwegian girlband I See Rivers, then you’ll know what a treat we’re in for, with their highly anticipated new single. ‘Collide’ is available now, and is the second single from their debut album, due to be released in Spring 2020.



“The themes of ‘Collide’ are of conflict and reconciliation, turbulence and transparency. In contrast to the familiar voices and relatable lyrics, the production of the song is both more contemporary and more adventurous than our previous releases, focusing more on creating space using a combination of gritty, acoustic sounds and sweeping, synthesised elements.” – I See Rivers


The new single by the trio – who are originally from Norway but now live in Wales – is the perfect addition to your easy-listening Autumnal playlist. Their floaty, soft vocals are juxtaposed with an electronic edge to it, through the use of synthetic sounds. An impressive vocal range runs throughout the pleasing single – a combination of the girls’ unique and progressive harmonies. The Nordic trio have already received a great amount of support and recognition from many different media outlets across the world – with a solid fan base built up, too. The authenticity and innovation of the band is what keeps them so unique. They’re already going from strength to strength – so we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

If you’re as excited as we are about I See Rivers, then why not check out their Spotify, where you can download ‘Collide’ and also their previous releases – which we’re certain you will love, too!

You can keep updated with the band’s whereabouts and new and exciting releases via their Instagram and Facebook.

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