Björn Borg Has Created A Workout Song That Makes You Smarter

Creating your workout playlist can be a complete hassle. Thankfully, Björn Borg says that they have found the solution by creating the world’s smartest workout symphony. They realized that working out makes you smarter and so does classical music, so decided to combine the two together into a classical piece with a BPM of 123, the perfect workout tempo. Together with a training expert, a neurologist and a classical music composer they created the musical piece ‘Symphonia Exercitii Et Intelligentiae’.

Scientific studies have shown that working out improves your memory and focus, and that listening to music while you work out increases your endurance. Some studies have also shown that listening to music that has a BPM of between 120 and 140, is an ideal tempo for most fitness activities, so combining the two was a no-brainer!


Björn Borg Workout Symphony

Björn Borg Workout Symphony


The company got together with the classical composer Jonas Valfridsson for the making of (the almost 10 minutes long) symphony that’s played by the Swedish Jönköpings Sinfonietta orchestra.


“With inspiration from my favourite ‘Rocky I’ workout anthems, it feels like I have composed the soundtrack to my own superhero movie! I also wanted the piece to have an upbeat and rhythmic feel, without losing the melodies and counterpoints of classical music.” says the piece’s composer, Jonas Valfridsson


To test out the new tune, Björn Borg moved their team workout to a symphony hall so they could get their sweat on. “We want to inspire and encourage people to exercise. We know how good it feels, but by talking about the positive benefits in relation to our brain, we now know it’s not just about a feeling – it’s science.” says Emma Bengtsson, Brand Communications Manager at Björn Borg. The team enjoyed working out in a new environment, and who doesn’t want to be serenaded/motivated by a live orchestra!?


Björn Borg hopes that this musical piece encourages us to enjoy our workouts to the fullest, while also getting smarter! We think it’s something worth giving a listen, and we know it may not be for everyone, but it is definitely an interesting theory to test. The track is available on Spotify, so take a listen and let us know how it helped your workout, and your brain!

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