Our Top Danish Design Picks for Your Home

Scandinavia is know for their impeccable design, and some of the best pieces and inspiration comes from the design houses in Denmark. Home to minimalistic and functional design throughout an array of creative outlets, from fashion to interiors, we’ve decided to gather our favourite pieces of Danish design from some of our favourite brands. It’s time to make some space in your home for these beautiful pieces!


Possibly the ultimate epitome of minimalistic and sophisticated design, is HAY. Founded in 2002, Danish brand HAY provides innovative and simplified design outcomes in the form of homeware that takes inspiration from an architecture. We strongly urge you to take a visit to ‘HAY House’, located in the heart of Copenhagen – it’s well worth a visit for all your homeware needs, and to hang around in, and pretend you live there. Here are three of our current favourite HAY products which we’re sure you’ll love, too. We’ll take the candleholders in every colour, please!


Danish Design - HAYFlare Candleholder

Danish Design - HAYMatin Table Lamp

Danish Design - HAYTulou Coffee Table



Ferm LIVING offer the most stunning homeware pieces, which really add character and personality to a space. Ferm LIVING carry forth functionality across all design concepts, whilst also adding an artisan twist. It’s the perfect take on minimalism with an exciting, experimental element thrown in. We love the simplicity of their pieces, but also how useful they are – functionality is one of the key elements when it comes to Danish design, and Ferm LIVING understands this perfectly, without making things boring.


Danish Design - Ferm LIVINGRectangle Wall Box

Danish Design - Ferm LIVINGAkin Knitted Dish Cloth

Danish Design - Ferm LIVINGTowel Hanger



Another of Denmark’s prestigious design brands, MENU has a goal of enriching modern living, through great design that connects individuals. MENU is built up of some of the most innovative designers, who collectively share the same value of providing sophisticated solutions to modern-day living.heir designs have the perfect mix of hard and soft elements, that make fit seamlessly into the home environment. MENU’s headquarters have recently been relocated to the Audo, a new and exciting space located in Copenhagen, that we think perfectly compliments the brand’s aesthetic.


Danish Design - MENUNimbus Mirror

Danish Design - MENUDuca Candleholder

Danish Design - MENUAfternoon Counter Chair Plus

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