ROKUA Skincare – Organic, Nordic and made for Men

Organic skincare is trending, and the quality of quantity of such brands that cater to this is increasing, which means it’s on everyone’s minds. But, there’s still something missing – a gap in the natural skincare industry that has gone unnoticed. What about the men? In comes ROKUA Skincare.

The market for mens skincare products is the largest growing segment in the cosmetics industry, but the least accommodated for by brands today. And we all know that a man’s worst fear when facing the cosmetics counter is – being ridiculed, choosing the wrong product, and the smell like roses.

Jari Niitynperä, founder of Finnish skincare brand ROKUA Skincare, wanted to create a skincare brand exclusively for men, that would be as appealing as it is responsible when it comes to choices and practices regarding the environment.


rokua men skin care nordic organic


ROKUA Skincare is a selective skincare brand for men, manufactured in the Nordics, under strict high-quality standards using only domestically-sourced ingredients. The thing that is different when it comes to men and skincare, is that most often than not, they’re looking for immediate results – we here you, and we don’t blame you! And with that in mind, ROKUA Skincare delivers products that contain highly active Nordic ingredients, that act fast and produce results. The main key ingredient in ROKUA Skincare’s products is carbon dioxide-extracted blackcurrant seed oil, which is rich in skin-beneficial omega fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, and works as a softening and nourishing agent for your skin.


“The best part about creating a new brand has been the absence of compromises, as even the smallest details have been executed as planned.”  – Jari Niitynperä, ROKUA Skincare Founder


rokua men skin care nordic organic


At the moment ROKUA Skincare’s range contains three essentials: face wash, face moisturizer, and beard oil, which all come with a fresh and light scent, like an airy breeze that quickly fades as the product is absorbed into your skin.

Face Wash: A gentle purifying gel that leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. With calming plantain extract, vitamins, and antioxidant-rich spruce tip extract, to brighten and repair damaged skin. Menthol also leaves you with an energized and refreshed feel and smell!

Face Moisturizer: With a blend of powerfully nourishing blackcurrant seed oil and brightening spruce bud extract, together with hyaluronic acid, this trio of ingredients make for a terrific lightweight moisturizer, that provides your skin with all the hydration it needs.

Beard Oil: Full of nourishing natural ingredients for both beard and skin, the blackcurrant seed oil and sunflower seed oil help condition your skin underneath, fighting the risks of itchiness, as well as softening and making your beard easier to style. The oil is mildly scented and leaves your beard smelling fresh all day!


rokua men skin care nordic organic


When it comes to values, openness and trust are key for ROKUA Skincare. Their products are FI-Natura certified, which is a sign of a true natural cosmetics product of Finnish work and origin, and being a Nordic brand where nature is always close to heart, 1% of their turnover is donated to the environment every year. This year they teamed up with WWF Finland, working to protect the Baltic Sea, and Jari hopes that in the future, customers will want to decide what environmental projects the brand donate to! We love a brand that is built on transparency, sustainability and care, so ROKUA Skincare gets a whole lot of love from us!

Gentlemen, you can buy all of their products online, so give them a go, and let us know what you think!

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