RENS Are Making Sneakers From Coffee

We love innovate ideas – especially when they involve creating sustainable solutions for the fashion world. The latest innovation that caught our eyes, are the coffee sneakers from RENS. Crafted by recycling coffee-grounds and plastic, these sneakers haven’t only caught the attention of the fashion world, but also a great amount of investors’ interest too.


“It’s unbelievable how giant companies churn out millions of unsustainable products, using unsustainable materials and doing very little to mitigate their impact,” Jesse Tran, RENS CEO


RENS sustainable coffee sneakers


According to Helsinki-based start-up RENS, 2 billion cups off coffee are drunk a day, and 3 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute across the world. Coffee production produces methane (which makes our morning cuppa a bit more guilty), and we know we are swimming in plastic waste, so RENS decided to do something about it. Each pair of their sneakers is made from 300 grams of coffee grounds (21 cups) and 6 plastic bottles, and is turned into a pair of ultra-lightweight, waterproof and breathable shoes. And there’s an added bonus of using coffee in the manufacturing of shoes, is that it’s naturally antibacterial which make the sneakers odour-resistant for their entire life cycle. Win, win!


“Jesse and I are both young sneakerheads who are also concerned about the origin and impact of the shoes we wear. It felt like no one was making an eco-friendly option for us – for our generation. So, we decided to make one ourselves.” – Son Chu, RENS Co-founder  


Using coffee as material requires the coffee grounds to be thoroughly dried, after which they are grounded into very fine pulver, then pelletized and polymerized. This formula is mixed together with plastic pellets from recycled plastic and heated to create yarn that is used for the sneakers upper part as well as the inner – a rather peculiar transformation to keep in mind during your next coffee break.


RENS sustainable coffee sneakers


In interesting style choice is the hashtag that is featured on every pair of sneakers. According to Jesse and Son, it is because we are all connected. “We use the hashtag to be heard, to listen to other people’s stories and share our own. To build something bigger than ourselves. We use it to start a movement, we use it to join a movement…That’s why we are #RENS”. The company want to create a community around what they are doing, and find like-minded people who want to change how the fashion world produces and how we consume. Here, here!

We REALLY like the idea of the RENS sneakers, and think what the company is doing is AMAZING, and a HUGE step in the right direction for manufacturing garments/shoes; we only wish the sneakers were better looking, as we’re not sure we would wear them. But, we know that’s not the main point here.


RENS sustainable coffee sneakers


The sneakers are available to pre-order online for a special price of $99, and come in 9 different colour combinations! So what are your thoughts on the coffee sneakers? Does this change the way you think about your coffee consumption?

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