Laponie Skincare Creates No Nonsense Skincare That Works

Nominated in the Global Beauty Awards for ‘Best Organic Skincare’ and for ‘Best Newcomer’, Finnish skincare brand Laponie Skincare appeals with its minimalistic and straight forward-beauty range and stripped-back products, that will care even for the most demanding skin. Laponie Skincare got its’ beginning due to the founder Kiia Pentti’s struggles to care of her demanding skin – the skin issues she was facing never seemed to follow any of the usual skin problems, nor did she feel her skin fit to any of the typical skin types. Having skin problems, and a bunch of allergies, resulted in Kiia being unable to find any skincare lines that wouldn’t cause a reaction. So she started reading about products’ ingredients, and testing them on her skin to determine what her skin could tolerate.

After a lot of research and lots of testing, she collected a few raw ingredients that her skin didn’t react to, and started developing her own skincare range, and Laponie was born. Eventhough the company is only small, they have their own in-house chemist, Jaana Ailius, who develops all of their formulas, and makes sure their products are of the highest quality. Only the finest natural ingredients are used, the products are locally made in Finland and Sweden, AND all of their products are vegan. Win!


Laponie Skincare Nordic Beauty


The brilliance with Laponie Skincare lies in that they make sure that everything is the highest quality from the start. The products are created and developed with petites, and no compromises are made when choosing the natural ingredients that go into them. All of the ingredients are carefully selected and approved for their skin treatment abilities, and are personally tested on both the founder Kiia’s, and the chemist Jaanas’ skin. This process is what makes Laponie Skincare’s products so great and trustworthy – Kiia wants 100% transparency between her and her customers, which is why every product’s ingredients are listed, and their benefit is explained. What more could you want to know when picking what to use on your skin?

Laponie Skincare’s products are developed to be suitable for mix and matching, so you skin can get the consistency and level of nourishment your skin needs on a daily basis. The skincare line consists of a range of essentials including cleansers, toner, face cream,  face oil and a all around balm.


Laponie Skincare Nordic Beauty


Milk Cleanser: A creamy milk cleanser with nourishing canola oil and conditioning xylitol, that efficiently cleanses away dirt, grime, and makeup, whilst being very gentle on the skin. It can be used on any skin type, but it is especially suitable for dry, mature and atopic skin.

Gel Cleanser: A fluid, almost water-like, transparent gel cleanser that cleanses on a deeper level without stripping your skin of lipid components. On its’ own it is suitable for oily and impure skin that needs a deeper cleanse, but when used as a double cleanser it finishes your skin cleansing routine by going deeper and making skin fresh and thoroughly cleansed, but won’t leave your skin feeling tight.


Laponie Skincare Nordic Beauty


Toner Spray: Hydrates, soothes and conditions – This toner is terrific for sensitive skin that’s in need of long-term hydration. One of the more interesting ingredients in the toner is Ectoin, which strengthens your skin’s barrier, softens coarse skin, and calms inflammations.

Face Cream: A soft light gel-cream that calms, nourishes and prevents water-loss. This fast-absorbing cream allures with its’ formula that can be layered, and will also work perfectly underneath your makeup. For days when your skin needs a dash of more nourishment, a few drops of the Face Oil can easily be blended in with the cream.

All-Around Balm: This gentle, multi-purpose balm protects and conditions. The non-greasy formula contains repairing argan oil, softening oat oil and healing bisabolol, and can be used all over your body – I’ve even used it for healing small cuts, and it’s gentle enough to use on kids too!


Laponie Skincare Nordic Beauty


Face Oil: Containing only four ingredients – argan oil, oat oil, rosehip oil, and raspberry seed oil – this nourishing and renewing face oil, impresses with its’ nearly matte finish, and efficiently caring formula. The oils are chosen due to their specific skin treatment abilities, and work on any skin due to their anti-inflammatory and non-allergenic formulas.

Laponie Skincare only uses recyclable materials in their packaging, and we are all for making sustainable choices. Here are our top tips on for making environmentally friendly fashion choices >>>