Must-Have Fall Beauty Products From Sephora Collection

Going to Sephora can be both exciting and overwhelming. All the products and different brands make it hard to know where to start when you’re looking for something particular. A brand that we often forget about, but has the biggest collection of everything your body could need, is no less than Sephora’s own “Sephora Collection”. Sephora Collection offers a huge range of quality products, for a reasonable and affordable price! To make it easier for you to find the Sephora Collection must-haves available in Scandinavia this fall, we compiled a list of our absolute favorite products.


Hair Sleeping Mask

Sephora Collection Fall Beauty Products


The summer’s heat and saltwater can take a toll on your hair, which means you need to give it a lot of love in the fall. Hair masks are a great way to put life back into your hair, and Sephora Collection’s hair sleeping mask is an amazing product. The mask restores damaged hair, fights frizz and protects your color, and the best part is that it’s suitable for all hair types!


Hemp Mousse Mask

Sephora Collection Fall Beauty Products


I don’t know about you, but whenever the season changes, my skin goes through a rough time. Dryness, blemishes, and redness are just a few of my issues due to the weather change, and the weather in Sweden can change in an instant! Having a great anti-blemish face mask at hand is really important during the upcoming months, and the Hemp Mousse Mask is designed to fight blemishes, large pores, and dryness, leaving you with a clear complexion, no matter the weather.


Flash Sequins Miniature Palette

Sephora Collection Fall Beauty Products


Just like the colors of your wardrobe changing across the seasons, your makeup should too. We’re leaving bright colours behind, and welcoming a more bronzed color palette this season. The Flash Sequins Palette is the perfect fall palette for creating day-to-night looks, with no hassle. The eyeshadows are creamy and pigmented which makes them easy to blend, and the palette is also cruelty-free and not tested on animals, so we’ll be buying a few!


Clean Skin Gel – Cleanser + Toner


Sephora Collection Fall Beauty Products


Finding a great cleanser can be very tricky, especially if you have dry skin. There aren’t many cleansers out there that don’t strip your skin from its’ essential moisture, and deeply cleanse at the same time. I have to give it to Sephora for creating a moisturizing yet effective cleanser, that doesn’t break the bank! This cleanser can be used as a makeup remover, and a daily cleanser, as it tones and soothes the skin with great ingredients such as beetroot syrup, aloe vera extract, and plant-based glycerin that locks moisture in.


Lip Balm

Sephora Collection Fall Beauty Products


Sephora’s Lip Balms are honestly one of my favorite lip balm out there! They come in various colors and flavors, from coconut to banana, and they are all delicious, but most importantly they actually work. These cute lip balms will give your lips the loving they need and deserve this fall.


Exfoliating Body Granita

Sephora Collection Fall Beauty Products


A good body scrub is mandatory after the summer season, especially when your tan might be starting to look a little patchy and flaky. This Exfoliating Body Granita is very gentle on the skin, and can be used on all skin types. It comes in six different scents and colors to fit your mood for an enjoyable scrub experience!


All the products mentioned can be ordered online at Sephora Sweden, or bought at your local Sephora store!

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