Your Fall Beauty Regime’s Nordic Essentials

Fall is the season to repair any damage to your skin and hair done by the summer sun, as well as prepare for the upcoming cold winter months. Whether it’s pimples, dark spots or dryness you’re facing, now is the time to treat the issues, so when it comes to winter, you can concentrate on protection. We’ve rounded-up our fall beauty essentials for the upcoming months from our favourite Nordic brands.


Lots of sun exposure, sweating, SPF, and dehydration can cause your skin to break out at during the transitional months. The most important thing is to update your skincare ensemble with moisturizing products (and keep drinking plenty of water – moist skin is the best barrier towards outer harm and helps skin protect itself), and to add a serum or boosters with ingredients targeted for specific skin issues. As we’re talking seasonal skincare boosters is the formula of choice, and Oriflame have a great range of little helpers to get your skin back to normal. Their Optimals Boosters are small bottled wonder-formulas to help you get rid of temporary skin issues. The skin boosters come in three different formulas: ‘Purifying Booster’, ‘Radiance Booster’ and ‘Nourishing Booster’, and are to be mixed into your moisturising cream of choice to provide that extra kick of treatment that your skin need. They are the perfect product for transitioning seasons!


fall beauty oriflame boost


The Purifying Skin Booster is the go-to  product for clogged and oily skin, with its’ purifying and soothing formula that contains goosberry extract, which restores skin from marks left by pimples, and sea buckthorn, which has an anti-irritant effect.

The Nourishing Booster is a lovely cocktail of oils, rich in fatty acids such as rosehip, canola, and camelina oil that’ll provide you with skin strengthening nutrition that is perfect after long sun exposure. This vitamin E rich booster really locks in the moisture of your face cream, preparing your skin to face the dropping temperatures.

The Radiance Booster is a dull face’s saviour! It contains three key ingredients – vitamin C rich blackcurrant, that refreshes and energizes, sweet cherry AHAs that boost radiance, and niacinamide – in my opinion the most interesting ingredient of the three – as it contains plenty of skin beneficial properties, providing solutions for almost any skin issue and it works with any skin type – a definitive must ingredient to add to your skincare essentials. Niacinamide is a versatile, non-sensitizing vitamin (vitamin B3 to be specific), that visibly improves your skin by reducing dullness, uneven tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. It is a true wonder ingredient!


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Globe Hope Cosmetics

Adding essence instead of a toner to your skin care routine is key when changing seasons. Essences are halfway between a toner and a serum, and will prep your skin for the next step of your skincare routine, by boosting the absorption of your serum and moisturizer. This is an essential quality in your fall beauty regime, as it transitions your skin for the changing weather.

Globe Hope’s Softening Toner Säihke is a lovely balancing, lightly foaming essence, with a delicate flowery yet fresh scent, like the last summer breeze mixed with crisp autumn air. This skin treat contains mineral rich birch tree sap, and is a true beauty elixir that restores your skin’s natural moisture balance – healing and soothing rose petal water, antioxidant and protective sea buck thorn, and efficiently moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

To apply the essence, warm up a small amount in your hands and create a light foam. Then gently press it onto your skin, simple. This sweet beauty essence by Globe Hope leaves your complexion with a velvety soft and bright finish. You can also easily refresh your makeup during the day, by using this essence over your foundation with a beauty-blender.


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Where you’ll need an efficient cleanser during the summer months, to get rid of all the sweat and SPF, the colder seasons demand a gentler cleanser. A great option is Laponie’s Skincare Milk Cleanser that contains a simple, skin-friendly formula, that provides you with a caring and efficient cleanser. The creamy consistency is suitable for all skin types – even the most sensitive ones – and makes for a terrific option if you have eczema. Laponie’s Milk Cleanser contains nourishing canola oil and conditioning xylitol, that restores and re-balances your skin. It is the perfect cleaner for makeup removal, leaving your skin free of dirt, and feeling fresh and supple. The perfect everyday essential product that is must in anyone’s fall beauty regime!


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Ole Henriksen

As we’re about to step into winter, it’s time to cut down on exfoliating, so as not to strip your skin of too much water. Depending on your skin type, you will want to cut down on exfoliating to once a week for thicker and oilier skin, and once every second week for sensitive or thinner skin. Nevertheless, exfoliation is something we can’t easily give up, so choosing a gentler, moisturising exfoliator for winter is essential. A sensational product, that instantly improves your skin’s appearance is Ole Henriksen’s PHAT Glow Mask. Containing PHA, which is a plumper alternative to AHAs, the mask gives you the same effect as chemical exfoliation – but, as the molecule is bigger, it doesn’t penetrate the skin’s surface as deeply, causing less irritation, which also makes it suitable if you have sensitive skin. The formula also contains plumping, fatty acid rich chia seed oil, clarifying pink bentonite clay, and hydrating and nourishing birch sap. All winning ingredients!

The PHAT Glow Mask is literally fat – both when it comes to the active ingredient PHA, and the consistency of the product itself. The thick pink paste is to be applied onto a clean face, and massaged on in circular emotions. A fun detail – after you’ve applied the mask, it will turn from pink to white, which tells you when the formula have been activated. The non-running formula provides a mess-free 15 minute relaxation time, and leaves your skin brightened. This at-home-facial is a real treat, and will help clear your complexion, and make your other skin care products absorb more efficiently. We’ll take a mask for every season, not just our fall beauty regime!


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As we’ve rounded up our favourite beauty products for your skin, there’s one department that we’ve yet to look after, your hair – cause haircare should be as much of a part of your fall beauty regime as skincare! In Finland we have a saying “If the hair is fine, everything is fine.”, and our next beauty pick will make you feel all fine and dandy! The perfect nourishing and protecting hair duo comes to us from Swedish brand Sachajuan, founded by hair professionals, Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind with the desire to make hair care easy and understandable. Their lavender-scented Anti-Pollution Shampoo and Conditioner is designed for people living in urban environments, with red seaweed and a cocktail of fruit-derived AHAs, providing a formula that creates a barrier against build-ups, caused by pollution and minerals in harsh water. The Anti-Pollution Shampoo cleanses thoroughly and keeps hair feeling clean hair for a longer period of time, and the Anti-Pollution Conditioner de-frizzes, reduces rough and porous hair, and restores the moisture balance. This duo is a terrific option for everyone, but especially for those with coarse hair, as it’s super smoothing and softening, leaving your mane silky soft, protected and shiny. The only look we want this season!

What are your fall beauty essentials to prep your skin for winter? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of Joakim Reimer for NSM

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