6 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Environmentally Friendly

We have officially reached a point where we can’t ignore the effects our bad habits are having on the planet. So there’s no doubt that we should be thinking about everything we use and buy, especially when it comes to our wardrobe choices. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world, so how can we do better? How can we make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to our fashion choices? Here’s a few tips to get you thinking and helping the environment out – they’re all simple, involve loving what you have, but also giving new life to old items and discovering you may never have found.


THE biggest everyday struggle is looking over a closet full of clothes, and feeling like you have nothing to wear. So, why not take one of our favourite garments, that you have worn a million times before, and try to look at it in a new light? Turn it inside out, or backwards, or pair it with something you wouldn’t usually, and see how you feel! Try scanning the internet and the streets of your city for inspiration, and don’t hesitate when it comes to taking risks.


environmentally friendly wardrobePhoto by Diego Zuko


Don’t Be Afraid To Customise Your Clothing

Have you stopped wearing a garment because of a stain that can’t be removed? Embrace it – You can work around it by dyeing the garment. Using tea & coffee, vegetables, bleach or what ever you can draw colour from, there’s endless possibilities. Techniques, such as tie-dye, have been used in various collections lately, and you can join the trend without buying something new, and it’s a fun activity that creates a personalised item at the end.

Another option is picking up your scissors and just start cutting, scary, I know! Shorten the sleeves, open up the back or cut out an origami piece. You don’t have to start with an idea, try cutting a little bit and let the ball roll from there. We’d love to see what you produce! What’s more environmentally friendly than breathing a new lease of life into something you already own?


Virginia Smith by Style Du Monde-2Virginia Smith by Style Du Monde


Second Hand

Clothing with history gives your outfit a sense of life, that you just don’t get from something brand new, and shopping second hand/vintage is the most environmentally friendly practice out there. Previously loved clothing is the best solution to recycling material, and you’re bound to find some absolutely amazing pieces! Research and ask around for where people shop second hand (we love Veras Vintage in Copenhagen), look at Facebook events for flea markets, and swap shops and make a day out of it! A lot of vintage/second hand shops have expanded their ventures online as well, so you can find hidden treasures from the comfort of your couch!

Sometimes you don’t even have to go to the shops; see if any of your friends or relatives are cleaning out their closets, and ask to have a look before they get rid of it. My favourite things are always found in my moms give-away bags!


Closet Swapping

Make a deal with your friends to swap some clothes every now and then. It can be one item or a couple of bags, every week or every six months. You can get new ideas for how to wear things, finally bag that t-shirt from your friend that you’ve always loved, and it also a great social event! I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to start wearing an old garment of mine again after seeing my friends wear it. Be warned, you might not want to give things away, once you see your friends’ interest in them, but that’s good for the environment too.


Shop Smarter – Less Quantity, More Quality

When buying new clothing, really think about what they are made of. How long is the expected lifetime of the piece? Is it something that you can wear with multiple things that you already own? Once it is worn out, can the piece be fixed or recycled? The best way to know if it’s something you really need in your life is waiting a few days to buy it. See it – Think about it – Still thinking about it? – Buy it. Also, research local sustainable brands, who concentrate on zero-waste, clothing repair programs and buy-back schemes. All of these things make your wardrobe go further, and build an interest and relationship between customer and brand that didn’t exist before.


Erika Boldrin by Tyler joeErika Boldrin by Tyler Joe

Leather Alternatives

One of the biggest problems in fashion at the moment, is the amount of leather hat the world has ready for you to wear. People often assume that the best new shoes are supposed to be made from leather, but with today’s technology you can buy clothing that looks 100% real, but it’s more sustainable. We like to think that most of the leather used in the fashion industry is a byproduct of food production, but most of it is not, and with cows/beef production one of THE biggest polluting industries, we want to have as little leather in our wardrobes as possible. There are so many environmentally friendly brands experimenting with using vegan leather and recycled products to make clothing/shoes now, and we think the possibilities are very exciting!

We know keeping up with the latest trends is important, and not all sustainable brands are cheap or easily accessible. But with these tips, you can renew the life of your favourite items, find that vintage t-shirt you been looking for, and explore your personal style, all whilst being environmentally friendly and not contributing to global warming. Every little helps!

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