Circulose – A Revolutionary Way To Recycle Your Worn Out Clothing

One of the biggest issues that our planet faces today, is the pollution from the fashion industry. By taking worn out cotton clothing, shredding them and disposing of all contaminants, Swedish bioeconomic company Re:newcell was able to make a whole new material called Circulose.  Re:newcell decided to take matters into their own hands, and have developed a genius new way of reusing clothes. We all try to do our best, by either donating or recycling our clothes, but what happens after we let go of our clothes? Believe it or not, they get thrown into landfills, and only 1% of them are recycled. Not cool.


Circulose Clothing Recycling


Re:newcell takes in garments that are too worn out to be sent to vintage/second-hand shops (they prefer cotton garments, as they naturally contain a lot of cellulose). All the clothing then has it’s ornaments removed (buttons, sips, rivets etc.), is shredded, de-colored and turned into a slurry, with all the contaminants removed. The result? Cellulose – A biodegradable, organic material, that all plants on the Earth are made from. This cellulose slurry is then shaped and dried into sheets, rolled into bales (like hay) and shipped to brands who want to make new garments. Loop closed.


Circulose Clothing Recycling


By removing all added materials and leaving only cellulose, the items are effectively biodegradable, and can be used another 5 to 7 times before being sent back to the ground to degrade peacefully and without any harmful effect. This process is effective as the process used for recycling paper, and it FINALLY closes the fashion production loop. Who doesn’t want to reduce their fashion footprint to almost zero, and break the linear fashion ‘cycle’?


Circulose Clothing Recycling


“Circulose was created with the ambition to shift the entire industry to circularity and to dramatically lower the impact fashion has on the environment.” – Harald Cavalli-Björkman, Head of Brand for Circulose.


The first pieces produced from Circulose are set to be released at the beginning of 2020, and we are very excited to see how they take off! We want to do as much as we can to reduce our impact, and this is a simple, and truly effective solution to the current fashion problem. Everyone take note!

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