PILGRIM: Women of the North – A Jewellery Collection for the Goddess in You

Spontaneity, intimacy and authenticity – the core values of the Danish Jewellery brand PILGRIM are perfectly intertwined in their new, beautiful autumn collection: Women of the North. PILGRIM is a family owned business that was founded in 1983 by Thomas Adamsen and Annemette Marrkvad. All of the jewellery is designed, and beautifully hand crafted in Denmark, made from pure base metals in silver, gold, rose gold and hematite. Their new autumn collection offers a wide selection of minimalistic, elegant and timeless jewellery, that fits not only any occasion but also, every personality.




The Women of the North collection takes inspiration from Norse Mythology, and celebrates ancient female power of the past, as well as the present. The collection portrays a number of empowering, Nordic goddesses including Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, Rán, the goddess of the sea, Sigyn the goddess of faithfulness, Valkyria, the goddess of life and destiny and Frigg, the goddess of motherhood. The collection sets out to explore the various shapes of femininity, through designs that reflect the distinctive personalities and powers of each goddess. Each piece of jewellery in this aesthetic, Nordic-inspired collection is therefore unique in shape and colour, depending on which goddess it presents.

The campaign stars the stunning Marlijn Hoek, captured as she is encircled by rough cliffs, a black beach and splashing waves. The raw yet alluring surroundings beautifully illustrate the spirit of Nordic nature and simultaneously, mirror the diversity of femininity. By reminiscing female power of the past, the collection inspires women to challenge the idea of femininity being a fixed set of attributes that characterizes every woman and instead, empowers them to freely explore and define their own feminine identities.





From rocky golden necklaces, chunky anchor chains to decorative freshwater pearls, this expressive, dynamic and classic collection offers something for every woman who wants to connect with her inner goddess through beautiful, affordable jewellery. To put it simply, we are in love with this collection, and can’t wait to embrace the boldness of this collection this autumn!

The collection can be bought both online and in Pilgrims stores around Denmark.

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