Top Nordic Events Fall 2019

We’re looking forward to the new season with all the events it’ll bring. We’ve collected highlights from every Nordic country when it comes to happenings covering music, art, fashion, and culture. Which of these events are you planning on attending this fall?


28-30.8. Fusion Festival, Oslo: A biannual three day festival fusing art, fashion, lifestyle and music created by Oslo Runway and Collective Oslo Fashion Art Festival. Open for everyone FUSHION sheds light on the new dialogue between designers and artists who form the new frontiers of fashion art today. The new generation of fashion and art lovers are questioning authority, media and art like never before and this festival is all about being challenged, provoked and pleasantly surprised both visually and mentally.

29.-31.8. Ravenheart International Film Festival, Oslo: connecting domestic and foreign filmmakers through the universal language of film, RIFF celebrates all styles of cinema but particularly spotlighting genre films. RIFF is an event where all filmmakers, fans of the art and all creatives can come together to share their experiences and love for cinema.


nordic events fall 2019Image courtesy of Sophia Groves – Photo from Habitare at Helsinki Design Week

31.8.-1.9. Tatinis Art Show, Helsinki: 
is holding its first major exhibition in Helsinki. With a mission to bring affordable art to every home, the upcoming exhibition themed Hope, Peace, Love, includes over 40 local and international artists presented by galleries and individual artists from Sweden, Norway, Finland (also featuring paintings by Juuso, Finland’s renowned artist bear!), Singapore, India, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Philippines.

Special highlights of the event is the Fashion Meets Art day featuring three emerging fashion designers in a runway show: the Norwegian Stellar by Elin debuting in Finland with her slow-fashion line made with traditional techniques in a modern color palette, the Russian slow-fashion atelier Michelle Nardin, and Mimiri presenting a combination of African heritage and Nordic minimalism.

5.9.-15.9. Helsinki Design Week, Helsinki: is the largest design festival in the Nordic countries, and presents the new faces and phenomena of design, promotes design internationally in collaboration with various partners, and offers a city-wide meeting place and discussion forum for design professionals and enthusiasts alike. The topic this fall creates an encouraging, optimistic and critical Learning Climate. Even though climate change is an alarming phenomenon bringing feelings of panic, Helsinki Design Week remains hopeful and promises to critically evaluate its own actions. What’s new for this year Helsinki Design Week will provide festival passes which will allow visitors to more easily obtain information about the particular events they find interesting. Actively seeking new spaces and ways to explore the city, the festival program takes place in a variety of event spaces spread throughout the city: from museums to markets, from seminar halls to secret shops – and for the first time visitors will be treated with the unique opportunity to visit Erottaja 2, the neo-renaissance palace in the heart of the city. Check out our coverage from last year!

4-6.10. Super Wood Festival, Helsinki: For two nights in the autumn woods, a sleepover experience with 45 hours of music, art, and food for thought and soul is held by the seaside little outside of Helsinki. Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki brings music performances at the hotel rooftop, in the sauna, in the heart of the forest; talks about love, feminism, animal rights; contemporary art and cool visuals; all under the same roof for visitors to enjoy around the clock.

21-22.11. Slush: In the darkest time of the year, Helsinki explodes with energy for two days, as tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts from all over the world take part in this world-renowned startup event. The event is an inspirational, colorful and mind occupying event full of bright ideas, talks and interesting persons.


nordic events fall 2019Image courtesy of Nuuk Nordic

Nuuk Nordic is contemporary art- and culture festival, celebrating arts and culture in all forms and setting the standard for how far art and culture can go within a Nordic collaboration. Nuuk Nordic is about creating culture together and serving as a unique meeting space for artists, with room and opportunity for working in new formats. For one week in more than 50 venues in the capital of Greenland the festival offers a broad program with multi-modal productions, that involve the audience in co-creation and participation, blurs the lines between entertainment and art, performer and spectator, audience and venue. Read more here.


9.10., Stockholm: A design conference in the heart of Sweden all about UX, UI, design tools, workflows and more with talks by internationally renowned speakers and rising stars in the design community. Your existing points of view in design will be challenged during this event, and you’ll learn about other designers’ processes, as well as get inspired to use design in new ways.

8 – 19.11. Stockholm Film Festival, Stockholm:  With the mission to broaden the selection of films in Sweden, Stockholm Film Festival offers a rich selection of creative and modern films for all tastes. As well as seminars, face to face meetings and Red Carpet-screenings, all to stimulate a continuing debate.


nordic events fall 2019Image courtesy of Iceland Airwaves Festival

The Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF) brings together talents from across the globe. Over eleven days visitors and locals are treated to films, workshops, and exhibitions in intimate and imaginative locations – as an example, showings have taken place in swimming pools, in a cave – and, it is not unusual for guests to attend screenings in the directors’ own homes. It’s signature ‘Golden Puffin’ award is chosen by an international jury and in recent years has gone to films from as far afield as Bosnia and Kazakhstan, making it an international festival of local familiarity. Read more about it here!

6-9.11. Iceland Airwaves Festival, Reykjavik: the world’s most northerly music showcase and industry festival, Iceland’s renowned winter music festival is situated halfway between North America and Europe. Taking over downtown Reykjavik for 4 days in November every year, this is one of the world’s best festivals for discovering new music and culture. Head over here for a closer introduction.



nordic events fall 2019Image courtesy of CPH PIX


14-17.11. CPH PIX: Denmark’s largest annual feature film festival brings some of the world’s bravest and most eye-opening films as well as interesting talks, debates, workshops to the audience. The program of the event is versatile and offers something for everyone in the family to take part in.


nordic events fall 2019Featured image courtesy of Samuli Pentti at Slush


23.8-1.9. Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival: A ten day celebration of Denmark’s great food-scene, the versatile and delicious food experiences vary from classic fine dining over new Nordic cuisine, one of a kind food experiences developed especially for the festival, wine and local cider; to street food from all around the world, great coffee and all sorts of artisan pastry and bread. Visitors may also enjoy social events as well as thought-provoking workshops and debates, all foodie-amateurs and professionals alike are welcomed to sit around the same table.

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