Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize: Meet the Finalists

After the tremendous success Emilie Helmstedt has achieved as last year’s Magazine du Nord prize winner, we were eager to meet the finalists of the 2019 award during Copenhagen Fashion Week, get to know their unique vision, and the challenges they’re facing in the world of contemporary fashion. The award – the biggest in Denmark when it comes to fashion design – has been helping emerging designers spread their wings since 2012. Who has shown the most innovation, creativity and skill this year? Let’s find out!
Magasin du Nord


As you may remember from last season’s review, mfpen left us wanting more. It was therefore a relief to learn even Sigurd Bank considers his own minimal menswear a bit ‘boring.’ Why is it worth making then? “If you’re going to make boring clothes, their other qualities must be top-notch: the fit, the fabrics, the production. It’s also more about style for me, rather than fashion,” says Bank.
It made us look at mpfen a lot more sympathetically when we learned they produce their collections out of deadstock, use recycled fibres for knitwear and while the focus on sustainability and reusing is huge, they still wish to do more.
Magasin du Nord


As far as unique business models are concerned, it’s safe to say that Carcel’s production sites in women’s prisons in Thailand and Peru, produce an extremely forward-thinking vision. “The women, who make clothes for Carcel, are very skilled. We put their abilities to good use, making products that will last while also creating a life for those women – helping them make a fair wage and support their children,” says Veronica D’Souza, CEO and Founder of Carcel.

Carcel’s collections are made with sustainable, natural fabrics, such as the world-famous peruvian Alpaca wool. They are timeless, wearable and marked with the maker’s name, which makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind.


Magasin du Nord


Maja Brix

Working with releases rather than seasonal collections is the way forward, and a method Maja Brix uses in her business to reduce the negative impact fast fashion has on the environment. She has recently bought a stock of old uniforms from a company and remade them according to her vision.

“My brand, as well as the way I choose to do things, are very new to me. The Magasin du Nord prize nomination helps to tell my story,”  says Brix, who has previously worked as head designer for Henrik Vibskov before starting her own brand. Her designs are simple and fresh – we were particularly in awe of the dresses with a signature ‘fold’ at the front, which we predict will soon become recognisable within the Danish fashion circle.


Magasin du Nord


Heliot Emil

The Juul brothers, creators of the unique Heliot Emil aesthetic that is full of climbing clips and heavy duty black leather pieces, have been recently fighting an issue that has brought their international development process to a halt. Facing an infringement of their brand identity and trademark in China, they’ve been robbed of their creativity. It’s a cruel way to dampen the spirits of an emerging designer, but as they mentioned themselves, it must mean they are being recognised as a brand with heaps of potential. We hope the issue can soon be resolved, so the whole world can wear the only rightful Heliot Emil.


magasin du nord



We haven’t shut up about this London-made, Danish brand since before Copenhagen Fashion Week, so it was wonderful to meet Julie Brøgger and hear what she had to say about her own womenswear brand. Brøgger talked very fondly of her two homes, and how her foundation in Danish design influenced her creative career in London. “I integrate both into my brand, but being back in Denmark always feels like homecoming. I would love to see Brøgger enter the international market, but also for it to have a bigger Copenhagen home,” she says, and we couldn’t agree more! You can read our review of Brøgger’s exquisite SS20 show here for a deeper look into the collection.

The international panel of judges will make their final decision on November 5th 2019. The winner of the Magasin du Nord prize will receive an award of 300,000 DKK ($45,000) and a tailored mentorship program. Keep your fingers crossed for your personal favourite!

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