Little Winter Release New Single and Video ‘Summer Never Ends’

Danish band Little Winter just released their latest single ‘Summer Never Ends’! Since releasing their debut EP in April, Little Winter has had a busy summer playing a variety of gigs all over Denmark; including the famous Roskilde Festival and, most recently, UHØRT festival.


“Summer Never Ends is about dealing with the fact that life isn’t always willing to do as you tell it to, that reality doesn’t always match your hopes and dreams and how you try to move on in spite of this. Even though the song is written in the wake of a broken relationship, in a way ‘Summer Never Ends’ speaks about life in all its shapes and sizes.” – Nikolai Ryan, Lead Singer of Little Winter


Little Winter’s latest track ‘Summer Never Ends’ and its video explore the concept of a journey, both through the passage of time as well as emotional evolvement. While the title by itself acts as a proclamation, the song and video explore the complexities and conflicts of change. ‘Summer Never Ends’ presents a contrast between its quick beat and lighthearted melody, with thoughtful lyrics and a video that seems to signify difficulty with holding on to an intangible dream.


 “In the Danish Indian summer, a rootless guy seeks to find solid ground and purpose in life. You may drift around for so long, but when hangovers and loneliness sneak up on you, you need peace and quiet. I think that many young people need to go all the way “out of their depth” in order for them to get properly back on track. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but more of an important personal experience.” – Anna Sørrig, Music Video Producer

Take a look at the video to ‘Summer Never Ends’ by Little Winter below, and join us in saying a bittersweet “Farvel” to summer.


Little Winter - Summer Never Ends

Video by Anna Sørrig, and single artwork by Thomas Leon Nordkap

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