Keep your Summer Glow with these 5 Beauty Products

Summer season is slowly turning to an end, and we’re getting back to everyday business leaving those easy summer days behind. Even so, we still want to keep the memory of the warmth -even in our looks, no dry and dull faces this autumn! The key for glowing autumn skin is to boost hydration in your skincare routine and choose products that’ll hydrate throughout the day, as well as adding food containing fatty acids to your diet.

To help you maintain that fresh sun-kissed look all the way into winter, we’ve collected a bunch of beauty products that will provide your skin with moisture, glow, and warmth:


glow serum nordic style ole henriksen

Images courtesy of Ole Henriksen.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum: Among the first to use vitamin C in skincare, the danish Ole Henriksen skincare range is all about the glow. Loved by celebrities, these products are packed with active ingredients that function as a workout for your skin, the Truth Serum being one of the most effective ones. This vitamin C drink for your skin contains a blend of collagen, aloe vera, orange- and green tea extract that instantly firms and brightens the skin as well as provides the skin with all-day hydration. The C-vitamin complex fights the first signs of aging and gives the complexion a youthful glow. The formula is oil-free and comes with a delicious, energizing scent of citrus.


Images courtesy of Oriflame.

Oriflame Eco Beauty Face Cream: One of the pioneers in the sustainable beauty industry Oriflame screen all of their ingredients to ensure they’re safe, ethically sourced and of top quality; resulting in timeless and effective beauty classics. This silky-smooth cream rich in fatty acids and antioxidants derived from Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil hydrates intensely and helps your skin protect itself from outer harm. Besides from caring for your skin by nourishing and brightening your complexion, this Swedish formula is Certified Natural and Fairtrade making sure the whole process from development to usage is sustainable.


Images courtesy of Atopik.

Atopik Tanning Tonic: Developing products for sensitive skin Atopiks’ vegan tanning toner with soothing oat extract is a safe, non-complicated choice when wanting to create or extend a tanned complexion. Just in 3-5 hours after applying the tan gradually develops and finishes in a lovely, natural-looking sun-kissed look. During the development process, it is advised to keep from getting wet and to maintain the tan the toner is to be applied every third day.


summer nordic style madara cc cream

Images courtesy of Madara.

Madara Anti Pollution CC-Cream: Living in the city? Then you’ll love this light color-correcting cream by Madara. This silky CC-cream is for you who don’t care about much makeup, but still want to even out the skin tone as well as protect your face against city grime. The Anti Pollution CC cream gives a radiant, natural finish and has a divine chocolaty scent. It comes with a physical SPF 15 and provides your skin with moisture throughout the day due to the hyaluronic acid-rich formula, neutralizes oxidative stress and destroys free radicals – a true skin saver for people living in the city.


bronzer summer nordic style kjaer weis

Images courtesy of Kjaer Weis.

Kjaer Weis Bronzer Lustrous: This certified organic cream bronzer provides your cheeks with a radiant, warm lit-from-within glow and spreads effortlessly. On lighter skin tones Lustorus can be used as a bronzer, on darker skintones, it functions as a lucid highlighter. Containing jojoba oil, sweet almond seed oil and rosa rubiginosa oil the consistency doesn’t only feel good, but also cares for your skin providing it with hydration, promoting skin elasticity and cure scarring as well as signs of skin aging.

What products would you add to the list?

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