Fejká Returns to Iceland with New Video ‘Svanur’

German electronic music producer Fejká returns to Iceland again for the beautiful video for his latest single ‘Svanur’, featuring Icelandic pop group Rökkurró, taken from his upcoming album ‘Reunion’.



Based in Stuttgart, Fejká is no stranger to the allure of Iceland’s musicians with his debut EP ‘Twilight’, featuring some hauntingly soft vocals from Icelandic singer Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir. Now, Fejká returns again with his full length album ‘Reunion’, released on Christian Löffler’s KI Records. ‘Reunion’ is a hugely expansive record that frequently shifts gears between driving rhythms and endless soundscape, the result of which is sonically stunning and only matched by the various guest vocalists that feature throughout the 10 track LP. Nestled in a pocket that sits somewhere between fellow label-mate Janus Rasmussen, Iceland’s Ólafur Arnalds and Danish legend Trentemøller, Fejká carves out a sound with a rich sense of song-craft & melody alongside his ambient deep-house foundations.

His latest single ‘Svanur’ features the Icelandic pop group Rökkurró, with their graceful track from 2010 album ‘Í Annan Heim’ finding a whole new lease of life through Fejká’s production and vision. The video is a time-lapse tour of Scandinavia heavily featuring Iceland’s most treasured landscapes during the unending summer months. The unrelenting weather having created such otherworldly features, contorted and eroded over time marries perfectly with the music, itself being crafted and remade piece by piece from something already set in stone.

Having already listened to ‘Reunion’ endlessly in the short time i’ve had access, it really is something special from an artist that seems to have only just begun to find the full range of his abilities and potential. We look forward to seeing him hopefully make his way over to Reykjavík in the near future!

‘Reunion’ is released on the 20th September on KI Records, and you can pre-order it now!

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