Norwegian Electronic Producer Askjell Releases New Single and Announces EP

Askjell has had a busy few months. With the release of his debut EP and a coinciding video series, there isn’t much that this Norwegian artist can’t do. It was Askjell’s father who first exposed him to music through his extensive record collection. There he was able to find a broad range of musical genres to whet his appetite – ragga, ska, dancehall, garage, and dubstep. At the age of ten, he purchased a Casio keyboard, which helped foster and nurture his desire to compose music.

In addition to his passion for composing music and musical theory, Askjell also took part in performing. He performed in both a Metallica cover band and an indie group, in addition to taking part in jazz, classical, and electronic arrangements. He knew he wanted to surround himself in music. By doing so, he was able to explore different sounds, genres, and styles, which would help him in his creative process.


Askjell Video Shoot


Debut EP

Earlier last month, Askjell released one of the newest tracks from his debut EP, titled Requiem. This song is a beautiful, moving piano piece that coincides with an equally artistic music video. What makes his music different than others is that he brings the old and the new together. This EP favors classical music, but with a contemporary twist. When asked about his EP, Askjell said:


“It’s a bit pretentious to say stuff like, this song symbolizes the ocean or whatever. It’s just sound, but it’s beautiful, and it makes you feel something.”


Watch the video for the EP’s title track ‘Requiem’ below:

Askjell’s debut EP is available soon, but in the mean time, go take a listen and buy his new single!

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