NOMI – The Online Store Recognizing Your Personal Style with AI

NOMI is bringing a fresh breeze to online shopping, making the never ending browsing of online shopping much more convenient and user friendly! Finnish company NOMI is revolutionizing online shopping with machine learning, recognizing your personal style, and collecting a selection of products from different sites to create your own online store.




The selection online is huge these days and to find the products that match your style, you might have to go through thousands of products. It just felt crazy that we all, with very different styles, have to shop from the same selection. The technology that is available today, finally allows us to curate the selection for each customer” CEO Nea Harjanne.


This fresh concept founded by four young women is based on wide consumer research that determined the best way of recognizing a user’s style. Being consumer close, the service will further develop with customer’s feedback, which gives you an ever-growing catalogue of products that changes as your style does. At the moment customers’ style is assessed using a range of pictures, from which the user select styles that match their own, after which a completely individualized online store is ready for you to  use!




We love the concept of having your own personalized store, as it cuts out the hassle and the hours it can take to find tings to suite your wardrobe needs. To create your personalized online store, head to the NOMI website.

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