Interview: ANYHERE Bring You the Perfect Sleepwear

Comfy, luxurious, and Instagram-worthy are just a few words to describe Sweden’s newest sleepwear brand, ANYHERE. To learn more about this growing brand and what we can see from them in the future, we chatted with co-founders Lina Thunberg and Hannah Molin!

How did ANYHERE Sleepwear get started?

It all started with a common workplace (Löwengrip Beauty) that brought us together. After four years as colleagues, we decided to take our relationship to the next level and become business partners. ANYHERE is the result of that decision. With different personalities and set of expertise, we manage to both inspire and challenge each other, which allows us to create our own path to wander as businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

What is the meaning behind the name ANYHERE?

We want all the amazing women ANYHERE to feel like home wherever they are, and whenever they put on their pyjamas. For us, feeling at home is a priceless state of mind and a look that is timeless.


ANYHERE sleepwear interview


I see that you currently have three different sleepwear sets – I’m obsessed with the Mellow Champagne set! Do you have plans to expand to other sleepwear styles in the near future?

We’re so glad you you like Mellow Champagne! It’s actually our bestseller! Yes, this fall we will launch a new collection and without saying too much about it, it contains our personal favourites so far. The collection is inspire by fall and elegance.

Does ANYHERE have plans to expand from sleepwear?

It depends on what the market asks for, but our plan, for the moment, is to become the self-evident choice when it comes to sleepwear. We’ve got so many new designs and colors to launch, so we’re definitely not done producing sleepwear for a while. This fall we’ll launch an accessory related to sleepwear, and we hope it will be appreciated!

What can we expect to see from ANYHERE in the future?

We’ll soon be launching in a department store that we dreamed of being stocked in! When we started ANYHERE, we wrote a list of 100 goals that we wanted to reach during the journey. To be honest, we didn’t put this department store on the list because we thought the goal was too big. So, we were overwhelmed, to say the least, when they contacted us and wanted to start a partnership.


ANYHERE sleepwear interview


Is ANYHERE sold in stores? Or are the garments sold exclusively on your website?

In October, you’ll find ANYHERE in one very big department store, but you’ll have to follow us on Instagram to find out! We’ll also be inviting our followers to the launch event, so stay tuned!

I’ve read that one of ANYHERE’s keywords is ‘respect’; respect for the products, the environment and the individual. Are there certain practices you have in place that you’re really proud of?

Respect is one of our core values and something we work with through all parts within the business. For example: Respect towards each other as co-founders, respect for other women, we cherish women we look up to in our magazine, AM/PM stories, every month. Respect for the product, making the best possible sleepwear, every part of the clothing should make you happy, it’s all about the details. Respect for our end-consumer, always having a transparent, solution-oriented dialogue.  When it comes to the environmental aspect, we are constantly looking over our processes and decisions. We are well aware that we do consumer goods and for us, it’s really important how every decision we do make is aligned with our brand values, where the environmental aspect is one of them.

Is there anything you would like for our readers to know about you?

We have a saying, “I haven’t done this before, so I’m absolutely confident that I can.” We want to pave the way for other young entrepreneurs and show that it is possible to build a company even if you don’t have all the experience you might need beforehand. Before we started ANYHERE we had no earlier experience within the textile industry. With the right passion and mindset, you can come a really long way.


ANYHERE sleepwear interview


To learn more about ANYHERE or to purchase one of their beautiful sleepwear sets, visit their website!

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