Collectors Items Jewelry: Less Is More

Indie jewellers with unique concepts and a genuine approach are cropping up acorss the Nordics, and we like to keep our ear to the ground when it comes to bling. Meet Collectors Items Jewelry – an honest brand that allows you to become a collector of beauty in an affordable, guiltless way.


Collectors Items


Money is a factor often kept hush-hush when talking of jewelry. People have gotten used to the fact that craftsmanship and precious metals have a certain value, and the price tag simply has to be high and shocking with some unspeakable, astronomical sum. So how come Patricia Vagtholm, the CEO and Founder of Collectors Items, is selling gold necklaces for 700 DKK?


“Collectors Items is a new Danish jewelry brand with a vision of challenging the traditional jewelry industry. We have cut out all the expensive middlemen and the high retail markup, in order to make it possible for the customer to get the best quality for an honest price,” says Patricia. 


Although the price point is a strong argument for Patricia’s case, her designs speak for themselves so well, that we would not hesitate to pay more. The first collection entitled ‘Perception’, consists of clean lines and contrasting crinkly ‘clusters’ of silver and gold, which together make a surprisingly strong statement while remaining minimalistic.


Collectors Items


Although certainly not the most original we’ve seen, the designs come through with timelessness, while being extremely in line with current trends; dainty chokers, statement pendants for layering, as well as a consistency throughout the collection is simply what wears, and will always wear.

Not only kind to your budget, Collectors Items helps world causes too. In a similar fashion to some other Danish brands, such as Nordgreen, a percentage of the profits goes to different charitable organisations. Currently, $3 of every purchase is donated to Nepal Youth Foundation, in order to aid the future prospects of a marginalised community.


Collectors Items


The entire ‘Perception’ collection can be purchased online, and international shipping is available, so go bag yourself some beautiful jewelry at an affordable price, and give back to the world while you’re at it!

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