5 Natural Beauty Picks this Summer

Summer’s here and while we’re enjoying time in the sun and living a bit more careless, skincare definitely is something you would want to put some extra care for this relaxing season. We have gathered five easy natural beauty essentials for you to keep your skin gorgeous this season.

tanning oil carrot frantsila nordic style

Image courtesy of Frantsila.

Frantisla Carrot Oil: Frantsila is a family farm producing organic skin care products made with an entirely traditional, handmade process with ingredients handpicked from their Herb Farm as well as a few other local, certified organic farms.

For summer Frantsila has created a renewing blend of marigold and carrot oil full of antioxidant and soothing properties, as well as carotenoids that boosts the tanning process. The Carrot Oil makes a lovely summery skincare product and gives a wonderful warm glowy finish.

Image courtesy of Sugar Helsinki.

Mossa Natural Sun SPF 20:  Choosing sunscreen might be a challenge in the jungle of protecting lotions, and one thing you want to make sure of is that the sunscreen itself isn’t actually harming you with all the chemicals it contains absorbing into your skin. The deal with mineral (aka physical) sunscreens is that they will stay on top of your skin as a protecting shield, working immediately after applying as the minerals work by blocking and reflecting the UV light away from your body in a mirror-like manner. Mossas’ Natural Sun mineral sunscreen is a fantastic option that can be used even on the most sensitive skin and is also safe to use on children. The moisturizing, silky formula spreads easily on the skin without leaving a white finish, have a lovely, summery berry scent and SPF 20.


atopik after sun nordic style

Image courtesy of Mira Luhtala.

Atopik After Sun Bodylotion:

Atopik is an Eco-certified cosmetics range developed for sensitive skins. The products are very well tolerated and the efficiency of the formula is based on organics oats’ and the nourishing qualities of natural blueberries  Atopiks’ After Sun Body Lotion is a light, cooling gel that feels wonderfully soothing after time spent under the sun. The lotion will quickly absorb into the skin and is suitable for the whole family.


flow cosmetics zero waste hair care nordic style

Image courtesy of Flow Cosmetics.

Flow Cosmetics Shampoo Soap Bars are a terrific option to bring along on outdoor adventures as well as to the summer cottage to keep fresh without compromising when it comes to environmental issues. Containing only the essentials, these 100% natural, zero waste soap bars come with a range of different ingredients developed for every hair and scalp type, naturally gives a voluminous finish and keeps hair clean for a longer period of time than synthetic shampoo would.


natural lavender skin nordic frantsila

Image courtesy of Frantsila.

Frantsila Lavender Balm: This lovely Eco-certified balm will be your best friend this summer. With soothing and antiseptic properties this versatile all-around balm may be used for moisturizing dry parts on your body, treating sunburns and small cuts, as well as calming the itching of mosquito bites. The calming aroma-therapeutic properties of the lavender scent helps you to wind down for summer, help you relax and fall asleep during the light Scandinavian summer nights.


Featured image courtesy of Alicia Rosenqvist.

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