TID x Builders Club: Art For Your Wrist

Minimalist faces and colourful customisable straps have been the domain of the Swedish watch brand TID. For their newest collection, 005, created in collaboration with London’s creative studio Builders Club, they’re stripping it back all the way with a truly ascetic design.

The launch only consists of two new timepieces, yet the classic black and white watches are certainly sufficient to defend the collection on their own. The creative collab has also given TID’s newest “Exploring Time” release a very artistic back story, which ties a psychological study of the mind with a dream-like visual sequence and, naturally, the functional product itself.


TID Watches

TID Watches


“We love creativity in all forms, that’s why we have worked with talented creatives for more than six years in order to create interpretations about time. For us, it’s important to give them complete freedom when it comes to the interpretations they create. The result is genuine art pieces that truly inspire us. Although we have done this for six years, we have just started and only time can tell what will inspire us next,” says Ola. E Bernestål, Founder and Creative Director at TID Watches


A beautiful video, which serves as both the canvas and the campaign to this collaborative project, focuses on the “postcards” created in our memory from the most insignificant details of the everyday – a flash of some girl’s red coat, a bright yellow road sign, a London house painted blue. While the monochromatic design of the TID watches reflects the often dull day-to-day, the contrasting primary colours of the hands are the moments in time that make life worth living.



Despite the creators’ and our attempts to give the campaign a deeper meaning, you may wish to look at the TID watches as simply good quality Scandinavian design – and you are encouraged to create your own story! Free of intricate interpretations and elaborate metaphors, the TID 005 is durable, practical, and easy to wear, with soft silicone wristband that’s extremely lightweight on the wrist. These iconic, futuristic watches can last a lifetime, and with their story and time-telling abilities, who knows where they might take you?

The watches are available to order now and retail for 99 EUR – shipping begins mid-June 2019.

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