Secret Solstice 2019 – Top Icelandic Acts to Watch

Next weekend, thousands will descend on Reykjavík for a music festival like no other. Secret Solstice takes place 21-23 June and is the ONLY festival that holds a rave in an ice cave, and performances in a 5000 year old lave tunnel. Enough said, right? As well as having some very unique locations under their belt, Secret Solstice brings together the best Icelandic and international musicians to wow you and get your hearts and ears pumping.

As a local, I am looking forward to getting my boots on the ground, hanging out with friends in the midnight sun (yes, it really never goes down), and enjoying what this year’s line-up has to offer. And on that note, here’s our ‘Icelandic Ones to Watch’ from this year’s line-up, so you can familiarize yourself and fall in love with the local talent!


I forget that if you don’t live in Europe, you’re most likely not aware of the Eurovision Song Contest. But if you don’t live in Europe, you may not have heard of Iceland’s BDSM, anti-capitalist, sons of politicians, Hatari. Upon their return from Tel Aviv, they did a quick tour around Iceland to HUGE fanfare, and around the world people are falling in love with them hard. Their performance will be (no doubt) full of flames, hate and so much skin, and we can’t wait. Just watch the video below for a quick taste of what’s to come…



Reykjavík’s local sweetheart, Auður is set to get some serious love at this year’s festival. Having returned with an album in Icelandic with has been received VERY well. His songs are raw and emotional, but fun and relatable, and if even if you don’t understand Icelandic, he provides plenty of melodies to dance to and hooks to sing to. Next year Auður is going to release his first international album via Sony Music, so if you’re loving his current album, keep an eye out for new music in 2020.



In my opinion, Bríet is the Icelandic lovechild of Banks and Sigrid. Her voice is simply beautiful, and she knows how to write both a soaring ballad and a feel-good summer song. Her voice has already won her the Iceland Peoples Choice Award for ‘Singer of the Year’, and tours across Europe. With tracks like ‘DINO’ and ‘Feimin(n)’, Bríet is gong to give Secret Solstice the right amount of tears and bopping this year, so don’t miss her set!



Having just their second album ‘In The Dark’ earlier this year, I can only describe Vök as the PERFECT pop band. Every song on their new album is a HUGE tune, and will have you dancing the night (or lack of) away. The debut album was also a huge hit, and so were their EPs before, so we don’t think they can do any wrong. What’s their secret? Maybe it’s the Icelandic glacial water, or the fact that band member Einar Hrafn is also in Hatari? If I had to pick my favourite songs off their latest album they would be ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Fantasia’, but really the whole album is a winner, so go take a listen!


We Made God

I only recently discovered We Made God, but I wish I hadn’t, because they are REALLy good. The spend their time shifting from heavy rock to Sigur Rós ballads. For fans of 65DaysofStatic and Thrice (but don’t let that put you off), We Made God really know how to write a good song, full of all the riffs, melodies and instrumental interludes you want in a piece that is made to move you. Now all I need is the midnight sun and a light show of epic proportions to complete my conversion.



Rap is big in Iceland. Real big. And Drengur is the epitome of this. Everything about him is pretty unique, from his vocals to his look, and we love that. If you want some classic rap vibes with an Iceland twist, you won’t want to miss Drengur! Choosing to stay relatively underground in Iceland, Drengur reminds me of early Die Antwoord mixed with a bit of, well…Icelandic rap. Just watch the video and you’ll know what I mean…



Secret Solstice is the perfect combination of local music, beauty and culture. We think it’s going to be one hell of a weekend, and we can’t wait to absorb the atmosphere and all the sun (fingers crossed). It is also conveniently located a stone’s throw away from Downtown Reykjavík, so make sure to head down to at the end of the weekend, and hit all the best restaurants, bars and shops!

Who are you looking forward to seeing the most on this year’s line-up? Let me know in the comments!

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