I See Rivers Announce New Single ‘Helios’

The folky cousins of HAIM sisters from Norway have just released their new single. ‘Helios’ by I See Rivers is out now, giving us mellow summer pop thrills for chilling at garden parties and swaying by the bonfire.

The Norwegian trio of perfectly harmonised, angelic voices sweetened with breathy Scandinavian accents, have released two successful EPs already, and are now gearing up to bring out their first album next year. ‘Helios’ is the first hit song to promote it, and it makes us anticipate spring 2020 with great excitement.


I See Rivers


“Their musical soundscape has been associated with artists such as Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens and First Aid Kit but their 2020 album has an added new electronic direction.”


‘Helios’ is the perfect representative of the group’s unique ‘float pop’ genre. It opens softly, an intimate sun salutation, to soon be joined by two more voices in the stronger beat of the chorus, enhanced by jungle drums and a memorable melody you’ll be humming in no time.


“In the context of this song, Helios is meant to represent the experience of seeing someone through rose-tinted glasses, thinking the world of them, seeing them as the actual sun, before finally seeing them in their true light,” – I See Rivers


Eline, Gøril and Lill live and record in the picturesque Wales, which no doubt has infuenced some of their natural, earthy sounds and themes found in the lyrics. The new single is meant to be the link between previous two EPs and what they’re exploring currently, which can be heard through the more electronic, ‘poppy’ chorus. We can’t wait to see how the girls’ music evolves. In the meantime, we’ll be playing ‘Helios’ on repeat all summer, a great companion to warm night get-togethers and long road trips.

You can follow I See Rivers on Instagram and Facebook for show info and updates, and naturally Spotify for their musical creations. Go and listen to ‘Helios’ now!

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