MON | SUN Spa – Scandi Elegance, Exciting Fragrances and 100% Vegan

Combining all the fundamentals of a spa and Scandinavian design, MON | SUN is a Swedish home-spa brand that is all locally-produced, 100% vegan and full responsible. Taking old traditions and revitalising them with new methods and fragrances, the brand have created a portfolio of products that are some of the most luxurious necessities I have ever used. I will now not leave the house without my ‘Daily Savior’ Mineral & Most Hand Balm, and need to stock pile their ‘Morning Dew’ Detox Shower Gel – which for me is a big thing, considering I do not religiously use many beauty/skincare products.


MON | SUN Swedish Home Spa


For MON | SUN, it is all about bringing local Swedish ingredients together with luxury spa products, and making them part of your daily routine. All of their products focus on turning your day into 24 hours of caring for your body, ‘from Monday to Sunday’; not in a chore-like manner, but in a way that you enjoy and look forward to. They also understand that looking after your body on the go isn’t easy, and as a result, have just launched a very handy travel set, full of your skin’s vacation essentials – a foam shower gel, hydrating body mist and hand balm, that provide the perfect combination of daily awakening and calm.

Each product in their extensive portfolio combines elegant Scandinavian design, with your body’s needs, and introduces you to new ingredient combinations and local Swedish produce. The packaging was designed to compliment typical Scandinavian interiors, and ensure their place on your shelves and in your spaces – they fit in seamlessly, so there’s no need to hide them away. The greys, pinks, greens and blues (cues taken from Scandinavian architecture/interior trends), accented by white and gold, sit beautifully amongst themselves and their surroundings – they do not stand out, but you still notice them. I have never really thought about this when it comes to skincare/beauty products, but it is a genius way of approaching a brand’s design, and something I think MON | SUN should be applauded for – they have truly created lifestyle-worthy brand.


MON | SUN Swedish Home Spa


By being 100% vegan, MON | SUN is stepping away from the stereotype of animal testing in the beauty industry, and also making sure that they produce their products responsibly – there are no micro-plastics, mineral oils or cyclic silicones in any of their products, and their packaging is fully recyclable. Hyalyronic acid, niacinamide, papaya enzymes and beta-glucans are all active ingredients they use that contribute to your skin’s restoration, and over time, make the job of looking after your skin, a much easier one. Win, win!


MON | SUN Swedish Home Spa


One of the first things I noticed about MON | SUN’s range when I started using them (apart from their luxurious feel) was the gorgeous smells; they are so unique and distinctive. With skincare products, they tend to fall into two camps, too smelly or not smelly enough. I know some people need unfragranced products due to skin sensitivity, and I understand that, but if you’re going to make a fragranced product, make the fragrance bold! This is exactly what MON | SUN does m, but now in an overwhelming way – the smell of their products do not slap you in the face, but instead, they caress you and interest you, you notice them because they are so fresh and new.

The figs and white florals smell of the ‘Weekend Crush’ Calming Oats Body Scrub is a light and romantic scent, that when rinsed off, leaves behind a subtle hint of luxury linens and a warm spring garden, while the white musk, ginger and citrus of the ‘Sundown Booster’ Overnight Treatment’ is soothing and perfectly balanced. All of these scents were developed laboriously with a renowned French perfume house, and I think they are just…perfect.

MON | SUN is a true gem amongst skincare brands, that practices what they preach, and more. Their products are available to buy online via KICKS in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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