Jamie Looks – Beautiful Danish Eyewear That Gives Back

‘Aesthetics with quality and purpose.’ That is Jamie Looks’ credo. It’s a clear and simple message, and one that the brand stays true to when designing their eyewear. They produce both sunglasses and glasses, for both men and women (most styles are unisex), in variety of lens and frame colours, with something to suit everyone’s needs. Their glasses have been designed in-house at their Copenhagen atelier since 2017, where their team takes inspiration from across the world, traditional Scandinavian design (which they are refreshingly not governed by), and the the latest movements in art/fashion to produce shapes that are sharp and classic, but bold and exciting.

Jamie Looks glasses are built on the simple principals of good quality, good design, and a love for eyewear. The team care about each pair of glasses/sunglasses they make, and only use the best materials and processes in their manufacturing – hand-polished Italian acetate, hand-made rivet hinges, coated screws, high grade metals, and premium lenses, all contribute to the outstanding quality of each pair. As well as using only the best materials, Jamie Looks also employs only the best craftsmen to make their glasses, using traditional techniques and precision manufacturing.

Take a look at the video below to see what Andrew, our Music Editor, and myself think of the Jamie Looks collection.


Nordic Style Mag and Jamies look collaborate on a video for their new sunglasses and glasses collection

All of this may sound like it amounts to a hefty price tag, but that’s where you are wrong! Their glasses (including prescription lenses) are ONLY 699DKK/€95 a pair and their sunglasses are 499 DKK/€69. With this price tag, I almost feel like i’m stealing. My favourite pair of glasses are the Jacobsen frames (named after the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen), which I currently have on as I type this. Eventhough they are technically a mens pair, I really like the shape of the frame on my face and they sit so comfortably on my nose, that I forget I am wearing them. I also found this excessive comfort to be true of their sunglasses – their Ali Mac’s are a beautiful pair of transparent acetate frames with cyan-tinted dark lenses, named after the Danish actress Ali MacGraw, symbolising their strength and elegance.


‘Applying a process that’s clever and honest, we deliver a good product, done right, priced fairly. It’s a simple thing, really.’


Jamie Looks


But, my favourite thing about Jamie Looks, apart from their impeccable attention to detail, is their belief that everyone has the right to see – they work with non-profits across the world who help people with their sight needs. The sale of their products, truly gives back to the community and I think this is a beautiful thing to be able to support. They are currently working in Lesotho with Red Synet to provide locals with access to free eyecare which they desperately need, and otherwise would not receive. We are in a time where social responsibility is seen as a duty, as it should be, and people are throwing out their fast fashion pieces for something with more longevity and personality. Jamie Looks creates products that are beautifully designed, elegantly crafted, and truly responsible. What more could you ask for in a pair of glasses?

All of you lovely readers will receive 30% OFF your order when you use the code ‘NORDICSTYLEMAG’ at the checkout. We would love to see what you buy, so make sure to tag @nordicstylemag on Instagram! Happy shopping!

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