Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019: The Know-How

Those, who enjoy seeing the world through the lens of a camera, will be happy to know the annual Copenhagen Photo Festival is back, starting today! For the next 11 days, the city will transform into an urban gallery, filled with exhibitions and cultural events for all photography enthusiasts.

The largest mass photography event in Scandinavia, Copenhagen Photo Festival is celebrating its’ 10th anniversary this year, bringing together hundreds of artists from around the globe to join the visual discussion. Combining the flair of fine art photography and striking documentary style exhibitions, the festival’s programme is based on three thematic pillars: ‘Framing Society’, ‘Framing Vision’ and ‘Framing Identity’.


Copenhagen Photo Festival


The CPF will be centered for the first time in the newest hip district of Copenhagen, Refshaleøen. What you can expect at today’s grand opening and later in the week are various exhibitions, performances, panel discussions, workshops and even an art auction lead by Copenhagen’s leading auctioneer Bruun Rasmussen. Throughout the festival, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet with the artists, experience their work in your own time, and fully immerse yourself in the wondrous, diverse world of photography.


Copenhagen Photo Festival

Copenhagen Photo Festival


The festival opens today at 5pm with a launch event at Festivalcentrum in Refshaleøen. It is free to attend provided you have the festival wristband, and certainly gives an advantage – you can take a peek at the marvellous main exhibitions before everyone else does!

Those will include a group project The Censored Exhibition, Marco Marzocchi’s Oyster, a gender-themed Bambola, Jana Sophia Nolle’s Living Room, which raises awareness of homelessness, as well as the painfully true xenophobia exploration White Rage, presented by a Norwegian artist Espen Rasmussen. Across the entire festival programme this year, current affairs and our society will be heavily discussed and explored – with an art form that most accurately reflects the world we inhabit.


Copenhagen Photo FestivalPhotography by Franziska Gilli, Espen Rasmussen, Jana Sophia Nolle, Marco Marzocchi and Tove Kurtzweil


For more information regarding the Copenhagen Photo Festival programme, tickets and news, head to their website.

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