The Only Sneakers You’ll Need This Spring

Walks, runs, hikes, coffees, brunch, dancing, shopping – Whatever the spring sun brings your way, we have a pair of sneakers for every occassion. From ultra light and washable tennis shoes, to classic 90’s heavy-duty soles, we are sure these Scandinavian brands can offer you something for everything.


Breeze Tennis Knit – Price: 140 EUR – Origin: Norway


Top Scandi Spring Sneakers


These are perfect for carrying you around the city, nature or basically anywhere you like since they are fully machine washable, providing you with the option of having box-fresh shoes during all seasons.

The ultra light pair is flexible, breathable and durable, infused with SWIMS’ ‘breeze’ technology into a timeless form. So, don’t be afraid to loose yourself in some muddy activities while looking spot on – these sneakers will keep you comfortable, fresh and of course, looking like a proper tennis champ while enjoying your day out. The shoes come in various colours, so make sure to scroll through and find the perfect pair for you! Our favourites? Seaport Blue, to contrast a pair of fresh white jeans.



Lyron Mesh f-pro90 – Price: 165 EUR – Origin: Denmark


Top Scandi Spring Sneakers


‘Deceptively simple sneaker craftsmanship’ is how the creators behind ARKK describe their recently dropped product – but we know there’s more than meets the eye, with the incredible details, stitches and fabric choice.

The Lyron Mesh f-pro90 are all about details and the three different colours are all equally impressive. Transparent mesh meets reflective detailing and premium suede, to create a shoe that combines modern design and comfort in a classic silhouette. Simply impeccable.



Midnight Sun – Price: 80 – 175 EUR – Origin: Finland


Top Scandi Spring Sneakers


Is there anyone from Scandinavia that doesn’t get extremely nostalgic when reminiscing over late summer nights in the midnight sun? That melancholy feeling has successfully been captured and brought into the form of an extremely comfortable pair of sneakers.

Inspired by the twilight hours, Karhu have released the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ collection in all of its’ glowing pink, glimmering orange, still blue and blushing red glory. It consists of two popular performance running shoes; the Ikoni and Fusion Ortix. After measuring over 100,000 individuals and compiling date from their 3D foot scans, Karhu have built a pair of sneakers that is smooth and cushioned, providing you with an all around comfort, perfect for a night of running, or dancing, you choose.



Angel – Price: 260 – 300 EUR – Origin: Sweden


Top Scandi Spring Sneakers


In the mood for some heavy-duty action? The Angel sneakers have you covered, with their high sole, colours, patterns and character. Want to make a statement to the world this spring? THESE. ARE. FOR. YOU. With Eytys’ use of high quality fabrics and skilled craftsmanship, these chunky, sidewall-stitched rubber soles are unbreakable. They come in large variety of colours, and we must say that we sure wouldn’t mind flagging that leopard pair around the streets this year.

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