Interview: ARKK Copenhagen on Sneaker Design, Appreciation + Inspiration

For some people, their dreams never materialise into reality, due to a myriad of reasons, but for Thomas and Kasper, the founders of ARKK Copenhagen, they took their childhood dreams and turned them into a full blown sneaker empire. I sat down with the football-loving, sneaker-crazy, dynamic duo to discuss their design process, what drives ARKK, and the story behind the first pair of sneakers they produced.

ARKK Copenhagen Interview
Where did your interest in sneaker design come from? And why did you think you could design something better?
Both Thomas and I have always loved sneakers. When we were kids, there was nothing better than a new pair of indoor football shoes. You had to keep them clean, keep them safe until the end of the season, when you could finally start wearing them everyday. Back then, we all dreamed of designing our own sneakers, picking out the colors and putting our logo on shoes – that was a dream back then. We don’t take it for granted that we get to do this everyday.
Is there a difference in your roles at ARKK? Is one of you more creative and other more business lead, for example?
Both of us are business minded, and both have creative passions. Of course, we have areas that we feel best suited for and that we focus on from a business perspective, but every aspect of ARKK is collaborative and creative. For us, the only measure of success is seeing people out in the world wearing our sneakers. That’s what it’s all about for us both.
ARKK Copenhagen InterviewAxionn Mesh PWR55
ARKK Copenhagen InterviewIvania Carpio wearing the Lyron Mesh F-PRO90
Which sneaker embodies the spirit of being able to ‘go anywhere and do anything’ the most?
Two styles come to mind, the Axionn and the Kanetyk. The Axionn is so comfortable and so flexible, it really embodies this idea of relaxed, ‘go anywhere’ versatility. With the Kanetyk, you can feel a bit more power and attitude, which means you can wear Kanetyk with a leather jacket or a suit or a more statement-making look.
Tell me about how you got to the Raven Mesh S-E15…
Wow, that’s a long story. But here’s the short version… it all started with a dream of making a sneaker that was clean and simple enough that you could wear it with anything. We wanted something with clean lines, simple colorways, and a shoe that complimented everything we had in the closet. From a business side of things, we had a lot to learn. There was a lot of trial and error, lots of sleepless nights, and a little bit of luck as well – the Raven hit the market at the right time and catapulted us into this journey.
ARKK Copenhagen Interview
ARKK Copenhagen InterviewKanetyk Suede W13
During the design process, how do you bring in new inspiration? And where do you get your inspiration from?
The design process is always a team effort. We have a great team and we’re always sharing and combining ideas and concepts. For me, personally, I find inspiration everywhere, but it’s most tangible out on the streets, up close and personal with real people at cafes and in parks and in shops and bars. Copenhagen is a city where people take a lot of style chances and combine styles and cultures, which is always inspiring to me.
ARKK Copenhagen InterviewARKK Copenhagen’s flagship store
You can shop all of ARKK Copenhagen’s latest and varied styles online, or if you’re in Copenhagen, make sure to pop into their flagship store or concept store! Happy sneaker shopping y’all!

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