David Thulstrup for Collage The Shop, This Time in Aarhus

With the recent second location opening of Collage the Shop in Aarhus, we’re taking a first peek at the space, designed by none other than David Thulstrup. This will be the second interior he’s created for Collage the Shop, following the menswear-focused space in Illum, Copenhagen.


David Thulstrup Collage the Shop Aarhus

David Thulstrup Collage the Shop Aarhus


Thulstrup’s distinctive style successfully merges museum-like grandeur with stripped-back minimalism, has been zinged up with a fresh pop of colour this time. Opposed to the entirely beige Illum store design, the womenswear collections in Aarhus will be displayed on glossy, baby blue shelves. And we LOVE them. Thulstrup is clearly playing around with textures here as he did in Illum, contrasting the cool, shiny metal with grainy, sand-coloured walls.

Less industrial-looking and much more elegant, the shop’s highly ornamented blue and gold ceiling adds sophistication, and an unexpected vintage element of the historic pharmacy the space formerly served as. To contrast further, the shop is lit with futuristic LED panels, which strikingly separate the old from the new.


“I wanted to create a mood that echoes the first store in Illum in Copenhagen with architectural shelving and metal fixtures like the custom-made sofas in sandblasted aluminum, but soften it with curved walls and bouclé fabric on the sofa,” says David Thulstrup, creative director and founder of the Copenhagen-based Studio David Thulstrup.


Built to showcase primarily accessories, the shop creates a bold canvas for brands such as Gucci and Valentino, where luxury often borders on decorative kitsch. The space will surely not fail to match the exclusive feel of the high-end brands sold at Collage, presenting them in a way worthy of art gallery treasures.

To make shopping a more relaxing experience, Thulstrup installed large sofas in the centre of the shop – for trying on, but also admiring the impressive surroundings.


“I wanted to create a welcoming environment so customers would sit down and spend some time in the store,” says Thulstrup.


David Thulstrup Collage the Shop Aarhus

David Thulstrup Collage the Shop AarhusPhotos by Irina Boersma


Collage the Shop is open in Aarhus and Copenhagen, and available to shop online. You can see more of David’s beautiful work here.

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