ARKK Copenhagen Have Made A Sneaker for Every Occasion

Scandinavian summers are full of weddings, barbecues, confirmations, brunches, and just good old hangouts about town. It can be hard to find an outfit that’s perfect for a Sunday breakfast at 9, confirmation at 12, wedding at 3 and then an all-night long party, am I right? ARKK Copenhagen have heard your cries, and bring you the Uniklass – the perfect sneaker for every occasion, and every outfit! You can thank them (and us) later for bringing you in on the secret.


ARKK Copenhagen Uniklass C-E18 Summer SneakerWhite Pink Shell (Only available for women) and White Midnight (Unisex)

ARKK Copenhagen Uniklass C-E18 Summer SneakerMidnight White (Unisex), Shell Pink Gum (Unisex) and Black Gum (Unisex)


Having been dubbed ‘The Universal Classic’ the Uniklass really does embody the idea of one sneaker for every occasion. ARKK’s founders, Kasper and Thomas, couldn’t find shoes that they wanted to wear during wedding season that were cool, classic, and went with everything they wore, so they decided to make them. Classic, sporty, chic or casual – the Uniklass can be paired with any look, and will have you feeling stylish and comfortable all day year long, boys and girls!

The sneakers are unisex and come in 5 different colours in leather and suede – White Shell Pink, White Midnight, Black Gum, Shell Pink Gum, Midnight White – which means you’re going to have difficult choosing with colour is your favourite, and you’ll end up buying them all. I’m speaking from experience… But, my favourites are the White Shell Pink and White Midnight, as they take the classic white sneaker to a new level, and fill the hole in my wardrobe for a smart and classic sneaker, for when heels just won’t cut it. May I also point out the very nicely hidden lace holes, that give the sneakers that extra little bit of suave, and create a sleeker, more minimal shape.


ARKK Copenhagen Uniklass C-E18 Summer Sneaker


Another great thing about these sneakers is their sole. The S-C18 rubber cup sole is a new take on ARKK’s classic Stable-E15 sole (that is featured on all of their current sneakers and makes them SO comfortable), that has been moulded into a more retro-inspired shape, but still features all the classic ARKK traits of comfort and style. I also really like the introduction of the gum sole to ARKK’s portfolio, which I have always been a fan of (Adidas Gazelle fans holler!), as it adds a contrasting texture to the sneaker, and creates slightly more relaxed, everyday feel, for when it just isn’t a white sneaker day.

The excessive comfort (they are like walking on clouds) and attention-to-detail that is found on the Uniklass style is something that people have come to expect from ARKK, and is a reason to love the brand’s values and their sneakers. Kasper and Thomas truly care about making sneakers that are stylish, on-trend and comfortable, and with an attitude like that, you really can’t make a bad product!


ARKK Copenhagen Uniklass C-E18 Summer Sneaker


The Uniklass C-E18’s have JUST been released, and are available to purchase online NOW, retailing at $120/€120. They are available in 5 colours, and come in EU sizes 36-46 (for both men and women). Happy sneaker shopping!

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