5 Copenhagen Art Exhibitions Worth Seeing in May 2019

May is soon upon us, which remains one of the most active months for exhibitions and the art culture in Copenhagen.  We have gathered our top picks of current and upcoming exhibitions around the city that we highly encourage you to visit. From local graduation exhibitions to bizarre or deconstructed artwork that has travelled around the world, we are positive that our top picks are worth seeing for curiosity, inspiration and some good old goosebumps!


Afgang (MFA Degree Show 2019)

Dates: April – May 2019.

Location : Kunsthal Charlottenborg




The annual graduation exhibition of Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art’s School of Visual Arts is taking place as we speak in Kunsthal Charlottenborg and will remain until the middle of May. This year, 28 graduating students will exhibit the results and give insight into the latest 6 years of work at the university.

“Some works are vast in scale; others are delicate, fleeting or porous. Together, they offer insight into the potential future of contemporary Danish art.”

This year, materials and expressions will vary from artist to artist. The mediums are diverse; from paintings, sculptures and installations to performance art and videos.




More about the exhibition at www.kunsthalcharlottenborg.dk and you can also follow their social media hashtag: #afgang2019


Pipilotti Rist -Åbn min lysning

Dates: February – June 2019.

Location: Louisiana museum




The Åbn min lysning (Open My Glade) exhibition has been running since late February at the Louisiana museum. So, if you haven’t seen it already, we highly recommend doing it soon since it will close down in June.

As the name of the exhibition might suggests to some, it is Rist’s attempt to transform the museum into a shared space where the audience can visit each other’s senses, brain and body.


“A blast full of colours, immersive images and sensuous dreamscapes. With the first major presentation in Scandinavia of Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist, the exhibition in the museum’s South Wing presents the work of one of visual art’s most conspicuous researchers of the senses in moving pictures.”




More about the exhibition at www.louisiana.dk. You can meet the artist at the museum as well on May 15th, where she will hold a lecture and a conversation with Tine Colstrup.


Anna Domnick – It’s all white


Dates: March – June 2019

Location: Nikolaj Kunsthal




The award-winning photography artist Anna Domnick has created a world, built on collaboration with the Niels Bohr Institute and NASA on their research of the Greenland ice-cap. The exhibition is specifically designed for the Nikolaj Kunsthal museum, where you can explore unrecognizable aspects of the ice-cap.


“The main concern of the exhibition is the climate; but with a distinct, self-reflecting approach, focusing on aesthetics and geophysics rather than man-made changes.”


There will be ongoing talks by writers, researchers and the artist herself during the exhibition. Therefore, make sure to keep your eye on the museum’s schedule for further details and you might get lucky enough to meet them!

More bout the exhibition at www.nikolajkunsthal.dk


Patricia Piccinini – A World Of Love

 Dates: February – September 2019

Location: Arken




Piccinini’s famous, disturbing and beautiful yet bizarre sculptures are still on display at the Arken museum. It’s truly magical how she has succeeded to curate her artwork, where her inspiration from science fiction, folktales and surrealism is intertwined into a subject or a story. In this exhibition, Piccinini challenges norms and ideas of body and beauty and questions why certain features are seen as beautiful and familiar while others are unknown, dangerous or confusing.


“We have to ask ourselves if it is so hard to find out where one thing starts and another ends can we really then continue to believe in the barriers that separate us.”

-Patricia Piccinini.




You can get a sneak peak of the exhibition through the hashtag #arkenpiccinini


Asger Harbou Gjerdevik – Driving Home for Christmas

Date: April – June 2019

Location: Kunstforeningen GL Strand




The young artist will display his sculptures and paintings in the Kunstforeningen GL Strand museum. One of the highlights from the solo exhibition are the deconstructions from the inherited 30 year old Volvo 240, which he drove from England to the Danish Art Workshops in Denmark.


“It is the tangible parts of the car that appear in my sculptures. I am not really interested in the engine. It is the gear stick, the glove compartment, the seat, the front, the bonnet, one of the wheels. It should be fun and surprising, while at the same time being something everyone is familiar with and can relate to”

-Asger Harbou Gjerdevik.


Kunstforeningen GL Strand will produce a video interview with Gjerdevik on his work, which will be displayed in connection with the exhibition.