Sustainable swimwear by Halla Halla

Halla Halla, the sustainable swimwear line made of recycled bottles and fishnets is one of the coolest brands to look into. Created by Salla Valkonen and Hanna Lehtovaara the brands soul is based on their shared passion on ethically made designs and their love for traveling and exploring different cultures. Halla Halla swimwear is inspired by the beaches, the ocean and tropical jungle, wishing to preserve that wild beauty, as well as bringing a little Indonesian happiness and sun to the Nordics.

The swimwear line got established during Salla’s and Hanna’s travels as the Finnish design duo got a first hand experience on the problem of ocean waste. Surfing among plastic bottles and other waste got the designers look into the issue and after lots of research they found their way to create something that will emphasises their sustainable values and active lifestyle, as well as rise awareness about ocean waste and inspire to recycle. Halla hallas swimwear of recycle plastic bottles and fishnets took all beach lovers by storm, and new collections will sell out in a glance.

sustainable swimwear halla halla

Not only is Halla Hallas swimwear cheerful and cool, but a more sustainable choice when updating one’s beachwear. The sustainable fabrics isn’t the only thing great about Halla Halla though, the swimwear itself have the fun feature by being reversible and is made to support a active lifestyle on land and in water. Two swimsuits in one – and swimwear that can take a hit by a wave – what’s not to love?

We had a talk with the girls from Halla Halla about their swimwear line and sustainability. Read all about the talk below:

Tell us about how you started your company? Was swimwear always the first option?

We first met in university, studying fashion design and always talked about our dream of having our own swimwear line. After graduating and adventuring around the world together we decided it was time to pursue our dream and combine our passion for being active, leading a sustainable life, and designing swimwear. Swimwear was always our first choice because we felt that we weren’t able to find the type of swimwear we wanted in the Nordics.

sustainable swimwear halla halla

“We have found our inspiration from traveling throughout tropical destinations, seeing all the beautiful places and colors. They have inspired us when designing our unique pieces. We want our pieces to look like the sun, waves, sand, corals, making you feel as though you are a part of the ocean.

Tell us about your latest collection – whats the inspiration behind it?

Our Wonderland Collection has been inspired by all the strong and independent women empowering each other! We designed Wonderland for Halla huns to wear when you are enjoying life, loving yourself, and being your unique and wonderful self.

All swimwear in our Wonderland collection is reversible. It’s super important for us and the planet to offer our Halla huns multiple looks in one item!

We create our swimwear just for you. We hope you have fun with our various styles and mix and match to stand out from the crowd. So we welcome you to our Wonderland – be proud to be a unique, ocean-saving Halla hun!

sustainable swimwear halla halla

Tell us about the production of your swimwear?

All Halla Halla’s swimwear is ethically made with love in Bali, Indonesia by talented local seamstresses. We wanted to give something back to the place that inspired our designs and using local talent is our way of contributing to the economy. We wanted to ensure that our manufacturers way of production aligned with our sustainable views and that we chose the highest quality of material to produce our swimwear from. Swimwear is used in a variety of elements so we wanted to make sure that it is durable. 

 What are your hopes for the development on sustainability in Indonesia and among travelers?

Our hopes are for people to become more aware of their own actions when they visit such beautiful destinations. To be aware of what they buy and where they throw out their trash. And for each person to do their part in cleaning up if they see something that could pollute the oceans. We are hoping for more programs in Indonesia to make sustainability development a priority. I would encourage each tourist to learn about the country they are visiting and being interested in preserving the beauty they see.

Indonesia is one of the most polluting countries in the world – is there any change to be seen? 

There is always a potential for change, but it does take education and time. People in Indonesia need to be made aware of what they can do to prevent further pollution and start to help the environment. People can only do what they know to do, so if they don’t know how to help the environment, then they cant.  In order to keep tourism coming to Indonesia, it is important to focus on the environment and ensuring there is a beautiful Indonesia to visit.


sustainable swimwear halla halla

We’re glad to see that people are really eager on supporting your brand as you’re almost always sold out
, what are your plans for the future?

We are very appreciative of our great Halla huns who appreciate our unique sustainable swimwear and are always excited to buy the new collection. It is a conscious choice for us not to produce an oversupply of products, because we want to eliminate any excess waste. At this moment, we are not doing orders buy request, but it is something that we can look into for the future. 

Our plan is to try to expand our Halla hun presence around the world. We want to provide our sustainable unique products to new countries and areas and expand in our existing countries. Our goal is to make sustainable swimwear a way of life for as many Halla huns as we can.


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Images courtesy of Niko Soikkeli.


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