MADE X Rains: Rainwear Inspired by the Northern Lights

For Spring this year, our favourite Danish rainwear brand Rains have teamed up with the design powerhouse MADE to create a collection of rainproof bags and coats, inspired by the Northern Lights. As an ode to the North, in climate and color; the collection features RAINS’ classic bags and raincoats, reimagined in beautiful hues of blue and green, straight out of the Arctic sky.

With colours including Dusty Mint, Ice Grey and Pacific Blue, it’s hard not to imagine this collection shining under the magical winter sky, but as the Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis being their more technical name – are reserved for the dark of winter, we’re glad to see these pieces as a reminder in the warmer months.


MADE X Rains

MADE X Rains


Rains have produced some iconic pieces, in my opinion – their rain jackets and bags are a staple on the backs of many Scandis (and other city-dwelling folk) who have to traverse the tides of rain and wind in the winter and spring (and summer, this is Scandinavia, let’s be honest) months.

My favourite items are the Weekend Bag in Pacific Blue, and the Rain Jacket in Dusty Mint – team them together, and you’re onto a winner! All of the items in this collection are made from Rains’ signature rainproof material and come finished with their beautiful strapping, zips and subtle branding, so you will be able to take comfort in your ability to shelter from the rain and look the best.

The colorways available in this new collection have been created exclusively for MADE, and are only available online. Items start at £39, and it’s safe to say, that I want it all. What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

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