Hannes Dóttir: Your Skin’s Personal Geysir of Youth

While beauty brands slowly turn back to the roots of natural, chemical-free skincare, there’s no better place to do it but Iceland. Bursting with minerals from the volcanic fjords, the family-run company Hannes Dóttir is the new staple for those wishing to bring back that youthful glow to their complexion.

It all started with the brand’s superb face mask recipe, first gifted to friends by the founder Janis as homemade ‘green goo’, and now sold as a small batch-produced hit. With a strong vision and Icelandic energy, Hannes Dóttir was formed to strip skincare formulas of all unnecessary ingredients and use the healing power of nature instead.

The 100% natural, cruelty-free cosmetics are divided into four main sections – cleanse, mask, tone, moisturise – while the entire line only depends on 10 or so products. It’s dedicated to all skin types, so whether your skin is dry or acne-prone, Hannes Dóttir can help with that. Here’s our top 3 products to help your skin in a range of ways!


Don’t let the slimy consistency put you off, as this face mask has been deemed miraculous by many. The Icelandic sea kelp, antibacterial honey and calming spearmint are among many macronutrient-rich ingredients, which provide your skin with an overall mineral boost. There is a specific way of applying the mask, so make sure to head to the learn section on Hannes Dóttir website – the lovely Mitch gives useful tips and explains everything on video!


Hannes Dóttir Icelandic Skincare


Elixir of Minerals

Described as a ‘skin protectant’ rather than a moisturiser, the formula is to be used before your day or night cream, as a serum. Based on volcanic alum crystal, sea kelp and other minerals, it is meant to bring a healing force to skin that is so dry and dehydrated nothing else can cure it. In the harsh, ever-changing climate of the Nordics, we truly can’t wait to test it out!


Hannes Dóttir Icelandic Skincare


Mineral Mist

Toning your skin is a no-brainer, but it often gets lost in the abundance of other steps that our beauty routines comprise of. The Mineral Mist is a multifunctional product that will not only tone, but also calm and sooth aggravated or tired skin. Full of youthful extracts and oils, it’s bound to also help with redness. Is there anything more that one product could for us!?


Hannes Dóttir Icelandic Skincare


With a range or products available to protect, soothe and nourish your skin, Hannes Dóttir is fast becoming a favourite brand of ours. If you want to get your hands on their products, they are sold in stores across the U.S. as well as online. Happy skin times!

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