Cecilie Bahnsen Launch Their Extended Vision To A Brand New Digital Platform

The traditional way of online exploring can step aside – Cecilie Bahnsen has brought a new digital extension of their vision of modern femininity to an online platform!

We are thrilled to share with our readers that Cecilie Bahnsen’s brand new interactive website has been launched. It is brought to life by their past and present collections, allowing you to dive deeper into their universe that consists of detail, beauty and embroidery. With stunning and dreamy images, you get easily lured into their vision in an effortless way.


Cecilie Bahnsen


In collaboration with Jacob Lindblad, Nicholas Myhring and Moon creative agency, they have succeeded to combine playfulness with an intuitive and minimalistic approach. It is designed and developed with the brand’s aesthetics and signature at heart; with almost a complete lack of typography, the clear navigation and moving images communicate all we need to know.


Cecilie Bahnsen


We are extremely excited to dig deeper into Cecilie Bahnsen’s exclusive online jewellery collection as well as their re-released, popular classics of SS19, with the emphasis on Cecilie Bahnen’s timeless approach to fashion.


“When we expand our universe, it must feel right and trustworthy in relation to what we do. It was crucial to me that the website became a real part of our world and told the story about who we are. To create beautiful and unique images for the new store, we have worked with Josefine Seifert, who shoots all our campaigns. We believe that those who already follow us will easily recognize the same ethereal and poetic feeling. I am touched by how women who wear our clothes feel a sisterhood with us by tagging us on social media and the way they engage with us. I hope that through the new website we can get even closer to each other. “

-Cecilie Bahnsen


Cecilie Bahnsen


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