Björn Borg Explores the Health Benefits of Ragefullness

Tough week at work? It’s not revolutionary to say getting your sweat on releases endorphins and can help maintain a positive physical and mental well-being. But what if we told you there’s a gym where you can break the equipment in a controlled anger fit and not lose your deposit? Björn Borg has the answer.

As a temporary 3-day event, the Swedish sports brand Björn Borg opened a unique gym space called the Rage Gym, where an idea of Ragefulness could be explored safely. Attendees could let go of daily stress and vent their frustrations on everyday objects, such as toilet cubicle doors or fully set restaurant tables. Slam, smash, flip, throw – you could do all those things while being completely oblivious to the noise it caused, who’s going to clean up after, and without being arrested. Win, win, right?


Our rage gym is for people that need to let their energy out in more expressive ways. After an intense workout, our brain releases chemical messengers that makes us feel a rush of happiness. Hence, with exercise the feeling of anger can be replaced with joy,” says Emma Bengtsson, Brand Communications Manager at Björn Borg.


Björn Borg Rage Gym


We’ve seen this in the movies – break-up therapy through tearful china-smashing, or kicking down innocent IKEA furniture when anger just becomes too much and bubbles over the pot. It’s a brilliant idea for a pop-up, which would be especially relevant if it came back during World Mental Health Week. We’re only a little reluctant to label it a ‘gym’. After all, the purpose is slightly different than building muscle or burning calories, and wouldn’t really work as a long-term health solution. Perhaps Rage Room would be a better fit if the project was to become a recurring event?

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