Janus Rasmussen Releases Beautiful Debut Solo Album ‘Vín’

Janus Rasmussen, one half of Icelandic-Faroese techno duo Kiasmos, releases his debut solo album ‘Vín’, and it is truly mesmerising.


Janus Rasmussen Debut Solo Album Vín


Having already honed his craft with more collaborative works (most notably his work with Ólafur Arnalds in Kiasmos & electro-pop band Bloodgroup), today, Janus Rasmussen releases his debut solo record ‘Vín’ via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records.

Initially introducing his solo work via his DJ sets to an unknowing audience, Janus has certainly yielded a sound that exudes both character and confidence in every groove. Having already made his name touring extensively around the globe, Janus’ craftsmanship and delivery on this record is immediately apparent. From the opening track ‘Green Wine’ right through to the closer ‘December’, Vín already feels perfectly worn in like a trusted pair of shoes or the sleeve of your favourite record.

Also, in something somewhat contrary to the format, it is some of the song-like structures and melodies on Vín that really maintain a meaningful and memorable first impression. It is something that can often feel amiss with electronic music, and it certainly makes for a really refreshing listen.

Janus’ production is understandably beautiful and seamlessly meanders its’ way through all manners of minimal grooves and visceral soundscapes, with a near organic grace. All of the synths and percussion on Vín feel so deeply embedded and painstakingly crafted, that there are endless intricacies left undiscovered with each and every listen. Rich blends of analog & digital synth sounds mixed with his foley-like samples and percussive textures make for an engaging experience and a tonal palette that constantly shifts and sways. The gloriously detuned synths of ‘Green Wine’, the perfect rhythmical marriage of the bass and percussion in ’14’ and the wistful beauty of ‘Wisp’ are just some of the highlights.

You can see the video for ‘Green Wine’, directed by Heiðrik á Heygum below:


Video for Green Wine, from Vín by Janus Rasmussen


Vín is seemingly a record that endlessly adapts to it’s listening situation. I’ve enjoyed it in so many ways since my first listen, and it only ever seems to find new ways to unveil more of its’ hidden little secrets with every listen. It’s been a faithful running companion, polite house guest & deep listening friend, the later of which I can only highly recommend that you do.

Vín is now available to purchase, stream and download. Janus will also be touring throughout Europe throughout April. Dates below:

03 April – Utrecht (NL) – Tivoli Vredenburg
04 April – Poznań (PL) – Tama
05 April – Warsaw (PL) – Niebo
06 April – Paris (FR) – Pavillon Cambon
10 April – Brussels (BE) – Botanique
11 April –  Berlin (DE) – Columbia Theater
12 April – Vienna (AT) – WUK
13 April – Prague (CZ) – Cross Club
16 April – Dublin (IRL) – The Complex
Look out for an in-depth interview we conducted with Janus about the record and his recording process very soon!

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