The Budgie Collective – A New Haircare Brand and Community

Innovative and new, trendy haircare brand The Budgie Collective thrills with its’ joyful and contemporary products, and is more than just functional products. From the very start, The Budgie Collective recruited a panel consisting of experts and consumers, to test their products during the development phase, ensuring that their products are the best they can be. The outcome of Budgie’s development phase – A smart, engaging concept, providing visionary and high-performance products as well as a digital hair collective, inviting everyone to participate in discussions on haircare and styling.

We wanted to get in on the Budgie chatter, so met up with Brand and Product Manager Maja, to discuss the details behind the brand and their products.


The Budgie Collective Scandinavian HaircareMaja Nilsson, Brand and Product Manager at The Budgie Collective


What was the idea behind starting The Budgie Collective?

We wanted to create a brand focused on millennials, and their likes and preferences, where a smart, conscious and encouraging mindset is key. To be a BFF-brand, inviting consumers and hair lovers to a co-creation collaboration, with the goal to constantly develop new products and take the brand to new levels. We wanted Budgie to be more than just a hair brand, a digital collective, where everyone can gather to test, inspire, discuss and test products.


The Budgie Collective Scandinavian Haircare


How important is it for Budgie’s products to be manufactured in Sweden and 100% vegan? 

Our consumers are very informed, aware and interested in what they consume, what their products contain, and how they are made. ‘Vegan’ has now become a hygiene factor for the young consumer and something she takes for granted, so it was very important for Budgie to be 100% vegan. To develop and produce the products in Sweden is something we, as a Scandinavian brand, are very proud of. Producing our products in Sweden enables a tight dialogue with suppliers, so we can ensure the best quality, and gain environmental benefits with less transportation.


The Budgie Collective Scandinavian Haircare


Did you find testing your products on consumers and industry professionals to be helpful in the development process? 

Yes, very helpful! That is what Budgie is all about – we have and will continue to work with consumers, as well as creators, experts and hair lovers, with the goal to constantly refine and develop unique products. To be interactive with our most engaged consumers provides us with honest feedback straight away. The combination of digital platforms, hair enthusiasts, and industry professionals provides us with insights from different angles, which enables us to make the best products!


The Budgie Collective Scandinavian Haircare


“My favourite is the Dry Shampoo Foam with its’ trendy, innovative and fun formula, which works for all hair colors and hair types. I think it represents what The Budgie Collective is all about!”


A night out in Sweden can go from midnight sunshine, to the deepest snow – What’s your ‘dream team’ of products for a Swedish night out?

I would definitely say this ultimate trio:

  1. The Multitasking All-in-One Mist – Perfect to use pre, during and after heat styling
  2. The All-Inclusive Finishing Spray for Usual Business – Creates texture and light hold to seal your do
  3. A Sparkling Shimmer Mist for Dazzling Nights: Instantly adds shimmer and sparkle, that will light up any party night!


The Budgie Collective Scandinavian Haircare


There’s a fun aspect built into a lot of your products, how important is experimenting with your hair and encouraging change?

It is very important, and part of our core philosophy! We want to encourage and inspire you to experiment and play with your hair and style, as well as to make your everyday hair styling routine more fun and easy going. Haircare should be fun and bring out your inner creativity!

What Budgie product are you must excited to launch this year?

We are so excited about all products in our fantastic assortment! It’s hard to choose just one, as we are so proud of each co-created product, however if I could only mention one, it would be my personal favourite, The Dry Shampoo Foam.

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