NEW ALBUM ALERT: Sigrid Delivers Her Sucker Punch

After a seemingly unstoppable rise over the last two years, Norway’s Sigrid releases her debut album ‘Sucker Punch’.


Sigrid Sucker Punch


Following up from her debut EP ‘Don’t Kill my Vibe’, hit single ‘Strangers’ and her critically acclaimed ‘RAW EP’ released just last year, Sigrid has released her debut full length album on Island Records.

It has really been quite an intense couple of years for Norewegian-born Sigrid; gracing the Park Stage at Glastonbury Festival, entertaining a whole host of TV performances & winning multiple awards including BBC’s Sound of 2018. Now with the release of ‘Sucker Punch’, it is blindingly clear why she’ll only continue to rise.

Opening with title track ‘Sucker Punch’, there is no question as to the tone of the rest of the record; this is the sound of someone having fun. Having fun with the process. Having fun with the songwriting. Having fun full stop! It honestly makes for such an overwhelmingly refreshing experience to witness someone with such talent enjoying herself in such abundance. I’d love to have more insight into her processes and approach to writing & recording, because it really comes across as something that is just so freeing for her.

Sigrid’s particular blend of pop has such a charm to it, that it’s almost impossible not to be drawn in. You could argue that there is nothing groundbreaking going on here genre-wise, but it feels more and more that it is no longer meaningful to judge a record on that. There will ALWAYS be a reference to a particular time, genre or style, it’s almost unavoidable at this point. What IS exciting, however, is the mix and the ability to wear those influences proudly while creating something altogether new. That is what Sigrid does so well here. It’s familiar, yet so refreshing, and for a pop record in 2019 that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

The record’s production is wonderfully rich and fulsome with it being a modern pop record. But for me, the real allure really comes from the myriad of quirky little sonic elements and twists that punctuate each song. The wonderfully manipulated samples and unique turns of arrangement, when combined with her fearlessly playful vocals, make for a behemoth pop record full of interest and intrigue on every listen.

After becoming aware of her back in 2017 and catching her live briefly, it’s such a pleasure to finally hear a full length record from her, that really delivers on everything we hoped she’d become.

Not including the huge singles ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ & ‘Strangers’, some real stand out tracks for me were; ‘Basic’ with its’ pulsing rhythms and certified gold melodies, ‘Level Up’ with it’s lo-fi stylings and Paramore-esque vibe, and ‘In Vain’ with its’ fantastic vocal performance and its’ endless ascension towards one of the biggest moments on the record.

You can now listen to ‘Sucker Punch’ on all download/streaming services.

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