Nina Webrink: Jewellery That Moves With You

How does an elite gymnast move into the world of goldsmithery and traditional handcrafting? With plenty of poise and dynamic, that’s for sure! The jewellery of Nina Webrink is expressive, classic, and designed with so much movement, you can almost see the gold twist, bend and flutter before your eyes.


Nina Webrink


When Swedish jeweller Nina Webrink transitioned onto the path of design and craftsmanship, after seven years of studying design and ending up with a goldsmith degree, she decided to create a brand that would blend her gymnastic roots, passion for art and ethical values into something beautiful.


“I keep a visual lexicon in my consciousness derived from my background, my passions and experiences. When I design, this internal library opens to bring forth inspiration for my jewellery.”


Both of Nina’s collections, Spacetime and Elements, explore the unapologetic and raw beauty of nature, in a very non-literal way. In the world of design, whether that’s clothing or jewellery, often inspirations become too ostentatious, providing only one way of reading them. Nina’s creations and the meaning behind them are in the eye of the beholder. The overall theme that ties the pieces together is there, but how you interpret the individual elements is up to you.


Nina Webrink

Nina Webrink

Nina Webrink


Her timeless designs aside, Nina Webrink deeply cares about the environmental and ethical issues that still have a veil drawn over them – especially when it comes to sustainable jewellery making. In her small studio, Nina raises awareness for other creators, using recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds over earth-mined. Doing things her way also allows Nina to experiment with colours – her unique rose gold alloy was created to match different skin tones.


“In order to create an ethical brand, I already need to be aware and start to think of sustainability in the first stages of the design process. The inspiration for every piece and the collections is very well rooted in my personal interest in the environment, the beautiful world we live in. Gold mining is quite a dirty industry and is, according to me, unethical and outdated as mining for diamonds.”


As an upcoming designer, Nina naturally strives towards opening a physical shop or gallery space, where her jewellery could be seen and experienced. Her future plans also include collaborations with other creators and hopefully new collections inspired by, and respectful towards the world we inhabit.

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This campaign featured two Royal Danish Ballet dancers, Emma Riis Kofoed and Victoria Bell. All photography by Andreas Houmann.

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