Interview: Icelandic Graphic Designer Viktor Weisshappel

We met with the Icelandic graphic designer Viktor Weisshappel, whose name is well known by Icelandic art and design enthusiasts. His projects have covered various unrelated fields, ranging from book and music cover design to a larger scale campaign for Icelandic Geðhjálp organization, which was an enormous success.

Recently, Viktor partnered up with Þórður Hans Baldursson and opened the online store where work by many of Iceland’s most influential designers and artists can be accessed and purchased. Viktor told us a little bit about himself and his latest projects – Útmeða’ and



What is your background?

I finished my bachelor’s degree at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2015 and I currently work at the Icelandic design agency Jónsson & Le’macks. I have worked for various agencies in Iceland and abroad whilst freelancing on the side. I have a wide range of interests and have worked in many diverse fields within the design-realm, e.g. identity design, book covers, packaging, type design and illustration. I really enjoy making posters and album covers, and consider myself very fortunate to have many friends in the music industry. They are always in need for some artwork!


Viktor Weisshappel graphic designer

Viktor Weisshappel graphic designer


Are there any particular motives behind your projects?

My main goal is to do something original each time I take on a new project. It is important to me that each one of them is curated differently and calls for a new kind of solution. I recently worked on a project with Geðhjálp and the Icelandic Red Cross. They are equally responsible for the Icelandic prevention program ‘Out With It’. The aim of the project is to promote better mental health by encouraging people (particularly young people) to talk about their feelings and to seek professional help when needed.


Viktor Weisshappel graphic designer



My idea was to work with certain words that people tend to hide or be ashamed of, e.g. anxiety and depression. These are words that are often used in negative context. I wanted to change that and link them with pride instead. I decided to make patches that people can iron on their clothing. When people carry these words for the world to see, they are owning their “afflictions” and normalizing them for others. Furthermore, It opens up a dialogue and makes it easier to talk about feelings and discuss problems.



What lead to your decision to launch

Þórður and I recently launched the site. There is a selected group of artists that sell their prints, signed and numbered. We wanted to bridge the gap between artists and people who are interested in buying Icelandic prints for a decent price. Similar things have been done in other countries but we felt this was lacking here in Iceland.

We carefully selected thirty local artists that we felt were doing good work to start the project with. These artists typically work in diverse media so everybody should be able to find something they like. We are always keeping an eye out for new artists and will be adding to the group as we go.


Viktor Weisshappel graphic designer


We felt that public access to prints has been limited to pop-up events and direct communication with artists. What we aimed for was to improve access to prints in order to grow the public’s interest in them. As a result, we created this platform for artists who work in any print media to promote their art online. By doing so, we are making Icelandic art more accessible to the public.


Viktor Weisshappel graphic designer


How can the artwork be accessed?

We held a pop-up market last Christmas, which was very successful. So we will definitely be doing more of those in the future. But in general, the entire selection of the art prints is hosted on our website and can be accessed by everyone at all times. The payment is easy and comfortable and only takes few seconds.

We are aiming towards the foreign market as well since we know that professional Icelandic art is very sought after for its exclusivity. We are very confident with the art selection that we are providing, and people have shown a lot of interest during the period has been open. So no need to say, we ship worldwide!

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