DesignMarch 2019: Our Top 5 ‘Can’t Miss’ Events

We’re counting down to DesignMarch! Each year we are more excited for the start of the DesignMarch festivities, especially since every year it surpasses our expectations. We’ve been having some particularly bleak weather in Iceland the past…well, frankly, the past year and a half – since summer was evidently cancelled last year. So, this year we are not only excited for Reykjavík to come alive with the uplifting and inspiring atmosphere that DesignMarch brings – we NEED it.

This year’s DesignMarch (running from 28th to 31st March) has a schedule packed with a wide variety of events, showcasing the very best of Icelandic design, as well as quite a few talents from across Scandinavia. The diversity of events increases each year as more and more people, both designers and guests, are finding DesignMarch to be one of the ‘can’t miss’ design related events of the year.

We know it’s near impossible to choose between all the intriguing events, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 picks to make things a little easier for you!

DesignMarch 2019 - Now Nordic


Now Nordic

“For many people, ‘Nordic’ has become a shorthand term for unadorned simplicity, clean functionality and natural materials – but does this label hold true?”

This is the foundation of what Adorno International Design Collaboration aims to explore. With designers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, the collective has put together this unique exhibition showcasing five different collections – one from each country – to explore the commonalities, as well as the contrasts between the modern design cultures they possess.


DesignMarch 2019 - Fyrirvari Reservations



Fyrirvari (translation: “Reservation”) delves into the depths of the artistic process. The exhibition showcases different media and the stages in an artistic process, and seeks to demonstrate how they are all interconnected, as they affect and influence each other. “A journey through ideas, research, exercises and things,” Reservation sheds light on how things that are seemingly separated can have close-knit interactions.


DesignMarch 2019 - Hildur Yeoman


Hildur Yeoman’s “The Wanderer”

We’ve never met a Hildur Yeoman collection that we didn’t like. Hildur Yeoman has been an active participant in DesignMarch before, and her shows continue to be one of the festival’s most exciting events. This year will be the premiere of her latest collection, “The Wanderer”, a concept that is very fitting for the brand’s free-spirited and ‘dark but dreamy’ vibe. Promising to take us on “a journey through wastelands and black sandy beaches” this SS19 show will surely be as much of an enveloping and comprehensive experience as Hildur Yeoman’s shows have been in the past.


DesignMarch 2019 - Nectar and Ambrosia


Nectar & Ambrosia

The Nordic House’s greenhouse is the scene of “Nectar & Ambrosia”, where two very different design entities merge their exhibitions that have a single concept in common – flora. USEE studio will premiere their latest collection side-by-side with Thomas Pausz’s exhibition ‘Non Flowers for a Hoverfly’. USEE STUDIO draws inspiration from Japanese Zen gardens, and Pausz’s project is a series of experiments “at the crossroads of design and biology involving designing for bees”, exploring fundamental elements of perception. This exhibition, combining two such remarkably different forms of design in the enchanting greenhouse setting, promises an event of particular intrigue.


DesignMarch 2019 - Anita Hirlekar


Anita Hirlekar

Anita Hirlekar is one of Iceland’s truly unique designers. This DesignMarch she will premiere her A/W 19 collection at Reykjavík’s Culture House. This show promises to give its’ guests insight into the brand’s creative consciousness – specializing in embroidery and handmade colorful textiles, Anita Hirlekar’s designs are true statement pieces, and we expect this collection will be no different in that respect.

Along with these and other captivating events, the official DesignMarch events are usually some of the most fun and fascinating to attend! Find Design Match, Design Talks and Design Diplomacy in the schedule for these fundamental Designmarch staples!

For further information about these events, take a look at the schedule, and get planning your week!

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