Volkswagen Goes Electric with Swedish Musician Rein

In a wildly kinetic new video powered entirely by Volkswagen’s brand new e-Golf battery, Swedish electro-punk artist Rein takes on Leila K’s 1996 mega hit ‘Electric’. Keen to illustrate the power behind their brand new range, Volkswagen teamed up with Swedish fashion designer Martin Bergström, to create the futuristic new outlook for for the video.


[arve url=”″ title=”Rein – Electric (Official Video)” /]

Set deep within a forest (something that already presents it’s own unique power-based problems), electro-punk artist Rein performs while seemingly encircled by a towering array of lights, that flicker and strobe through the smoke and haze. This, interspersed with slow motion shots of Rein from within a wind tunnel teamed with the graceful ripples and sheer power of an electromagnet, certainly paint an impressive picture as to the applications of Volkswagen’s new battery.

The direction here is beautiful and perfectly illustrates both the artist and the new design, Martin Bergström’s input here just so evident and masterfully executed. I’d also think Volkswagen deserve a great deal of credit for both the good taste and reserve that they’ve shown in promoting themselves here, the synonymous VW badge barely even makes an appearance (I counted 4 near-glimpses?), and it’s so refreshing to see a brand get out of the way and let the artistry take precedent.

Produced by Joakim Åhlund and Tony Senghore, Rein’s interpretation of Leila K’s ‘Electric’ is certainly powerful in it’s own right, and the delivery is captivating. Rein fully captures the essence of the original but brings it hastily into 2019 with altogether more vigour and pace. Her own style is just so well matched with this track and the collaboration that it appears effortless. The production is on point and the Moroder-esque synth bass is just so rich with resonance it completely drives the track from start to finish.

The collaboration is part of Volkswagen’s ‘Let’s Get Electric’ campaign developed by NORD DDB, where the goal is to launch more than 20 new, fully electric models by 2025. We salute you Volkswagen!

‘Electric’ by Rein is now available to download and stream, so get it!

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