Nordgreen: Scandinavian Watches That Give Back

The minimalist watch brand Nordgreen was first established in 2017 as one of the most successful of European Kickstarter campaigns, and is a breath of fresh air on the Danish functional design scene. The Copenhagen-based company raised the bar high, accumulating an astounding sum of $250k in the first month of running their campaign.

What makes them stand out against similar brands? Perhaps their admirable ethical values. Reflecting the Scandinavian approach to sustainability, Norgreen combines timeless designs with a charitable Giving Back Program.




With the renowned Scandinavian designer Jakob Wagner on board – responsible for the signature appearance of brands such as Bang & Olufsen or Alessi – Nordgreen was bound to be a success. The Copenhagen-inspired line, which sold over 10,000 pieces in 2018, was designed and developed in the heart of the city. It consist of three unique designs.

Philosopher, Native and Infinity are available for both men and women, while the selection of interchangeable straps creates endless styling choices, making the watches fully customisable to personal needs. The high quality and timeless craftsmanship of Nordgreen watches surely appeals to a large demographic – those living in Scandinavia and those, who choose to adapt the Nordic way of life through essential accessories. A little bird has also told us Nordgreen will be releasing a brand new watch in April, so keep your eyes peeled!




Compared to other luxury watch brands of the sort, Nordgreen tempts with a justifiable price to quality ratio, as well as an unusual movement that plays an important part in the entire concept. The Giving Back Program is an integrated part of Nordgreen; it allows those who purchase a watch to donate a part of the profits to a worthy cause of their choosing.

The NGOs Nordgreen has partnered with, prioritise global health, education and the environment. “In Denmark, we have free access to healthcare and education, and Copenhagen has for many years been considered one of the most sustainable cities on the planet,” explained one of the founders, Vasilij Brandt. “We want to proliferate those kinds of Danish values and environmental sustainability through our giving back program.”




All watches come with a 5-year guarantee and a serial number, which allows the customer to track the cause they chose to support. With Nordgreen’s unique business model, customers can value their product even more, knowing they have contributed to something worthwhile.

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