Micro Documentary – A Window Into Danish Experimental Music

Today, like most days, I engage in a somewhat familiar pattern; I fidget endlessly, I check my phone, I make coffee(s), I watch a never ending stream of news and entertainment, I shake my head, I skip the ads, I chew my food, I brush my teeth, I tie my shoes, I go to work, I send emails, I stay up too late and eventually, I fall asleep. Except that, on this particular day, I put aside 5 minutes to draw the curtains, sat up straight, put my favourite headphones on and engaged in something altogether new…Mads Hemmingsen’s Micro Documentary.


Micro Documentary

Credits: Mads Hemmingsen, Sidney Lexy Plaut DFF, Frederik Haslund, Michael Kreutzmann, Franz Borde, Allan Stenild, Lavdim Morina

Micro Documentary, is an audio visual project from Kaja Management, comprising of a series of short films seeking to provide a unique insight into the world of Danish experimental music. Created in collaboration with acclaimed director Mads Hemmingsen, each film serves to portray the objects and locations that inspire each artist to create their music. The result is an intensely visceral journey, that provides the viewer a tiny glimpse into each artists creative psyche, prying open the window into their world before it promptly slams shut.

The one minute limit to each documentary is really where the real charm is found, with both the music and visuals being given only the very briefest of moments to take form. The effect of which, is almost dream-like in sensation, with each artist ebbing and flowing into the spotlight before any real comprehension can fully take place. It continually leaves you wanting more; more time, more depth, more submersion.

Visually, it is stunning. Rich with vivid intimation and reverie, there is so very much to absorb and immerse yourself into while the music flourishes and reverberates in the space around you. A perfect unison of both the musical and the visual.

The artists; violinist Nils Gröndahl, electronic composer SØS (Gunver Ryberg), drummer Anders Bach, SAV (Lars Bech Pilgaard and Mija Milovic) and composer Sandra Boss, each bring their own unique flavour and tone to their respective film. With each film being the culmination of lengthly interviews with the composers, the music appears to live and breathe on the screen in a synchronicity that is so often desired but rarely found.

As an attempt by Kaja Management to open the eyes and ears of those unfamiliar with Denmark’s experimental music scene, this is a beautiful and captivating project and one that certainly deserves everyones undivided attention.

Originally launched at the Peryton Gallery, København in December 2018, Micro Documentary is now available in digital formats.

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