CPHFW AW19: Lærke Andersen – Approachable Athleticism on Film

Lærke Andersen’s A/W 19 showcase at Copenhagen Fashion Week was a visually entertaining nod to athletics and performance wear — and of course, met with an equal measure of luxury workwear. Setting the scene with a film, Lærke Andersen gave her audience an impactful and memorable look into her world, capturing attendees’ attention with scenes of urban sophistication and unexpected exciting forms.

If you’re not yet familiar with the Danish label, Lærke Andersen is not one to be overlooked. Having worked with Henrik Vibskov and Louis Vuitton, among other top names, Andersen continues to refine her knack for merging luxury at the highest levels with functionality that is typically and historically reserved for the working class. Now, this is the prescriptive concoction that we need.


Laerke andersen aw19

Lærke andersen aw19



Staying true to her mission of “seeking to erase the boundaries between feminine and masculine, function and luxury,” Andersen’s AW19 collection provoked visions that could easily be described as multi-functional and multi-dimensional.

Among the most memorable pieces were a pair of oversized gloves that looked as though they could be used with equal practicality, either to win a high-stakes boxing match or go on a luxurious ski trip in Courchevel. There were also not so subtle hints of workwear-inspired industrial suit sets — picture all-denim oversize suits and black oversize hooded raincoats.



Lærke Andersen A/W 19


Andersen also displayed, yet again, her natural affinity for merging low-tech and high-tech materials.

Incorporating traditional materials like denim and suede with performance technology fabrics, the pieces seemed to be appropriate for even the most intentional of athletes. In the name of luxury and an apparent appreciation for everyday functionality, Lærke Andersen’s collection is prepared to keep wearers as inspired as they are active.


Lærke Andersen A/W 19



Considering how intentionally Lærke Andersen’s collection disguised functionality and comfort under the heir of urban sophistication and luxury, we can only anticipate a record year ahead for the brand — and one of comfort and a distinguished look for those who wear her.

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